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We are a family-owned business providing the best residential and commercial roofing services in Raleigh NC. We service customers within a 50-mile radius of Raleigh, NC. For services in Fayetteville or Charlotte, visit their respective pages. Call Southern Premier Roofing or use our contact form for more information about our incredible offers. When combing the region for roof installation companies and roofing services, select a credible roofing contractor that will have your best interest at heart from start to finish.

When you are going to build a commercial or residential building, you are in need to look for a professional roofing company who has installed various roofs in the past. Well, if you are in Raleigh, you can depend on Southern Premier Roofing, roofing contractor Raleigh NC. We are your community’s recommended selection for roofing services or roofing contractor. For over 15 years, our well-trained have accomplished in hordes of roof projects. Southern Premier Roofing company in Raleigh is insured for your financial security. No matter if you wish to go for new roofing or replacements, just give us a call today on our customer service number to get a free estimate for the services you wish to opt for. We have been in the roofing industry for many years, hence knowing the business inside and out. You can expect the best quality roofing services for your roof replacement, renovation on your house, or office space.

Our roofing contractors in our roofing company are proficient in a wide range of roofing jobs including, shingle roof installation, shingle and metal roof repairs. We outshine all other roofing companies in the Raleigh vicinity by going above and beyond our customers’ needs. We staff the most effective and the brightest, whose objective is to drive each solution in the direction of their consumers’ needs. Our crew has years of experience, which they bring into the use to deliver great work. Our team is capable of carrying out all sorts of roofing projects. Whether your roofing system is old or new, our Raleigh roofing experts will offer the best services at the most affordable rates.

Residential Roofing Service

The exterior of your home is just as important as is the interior in maintaining the value of your largest investment and the wellbeing of your family. Many times, we do not provide the exterior the priority we offer the interior quality roof. Nonetheless, sun, rainfall, leaves, debris, and also mold can reduce the life of your roof covering and also rain gutters. Also, the percentages of debris with time can do a lot of damage especially from storm damage, hail damage and wind damage. To meet your needs, we have different types of exterior residential services from which you may select. All services are done by a professional craftsman and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Roofs are essential structures in construction because, in addition to providing climatic, thermal, and acoustic protection, their shape stylizes the building. They are composed of structures; the most common problems encountered are broken, cracked, or misaligned tiles, cloggings, infiltrations, leaks, leaks, or even the fall of the roof. We carry out the maintenance of the tiles or the replacement, which in addition to the aesthetic function, prevents the formation of molds and limbs. We do the complete roof renovation, roof repair, removal of materials, or rubble with the use of buckets until proper disposal. We work with a specialized team and totally secure service. Contact us today to get a free estimate for residential roofing or to install a new roof. We would also like to mention that we aren’t just serving raleigh roofing in Raleigh, but in Cary NC, and other localities.

We Offer Free Roof Inspection

If you are selling, buying, or just staying for the long term, you may want exterior inspection, right? Well, your home is one of the largest and most valuable assets you have, isn’t it? However, the roof is one of the most important components of your home or resident. Because of the intense weather systems in Raleigh area, you should have your roof inspected and maintained at least every 2-3 years. If you haven’t had a chance to have your roof inspected to this date, then you should call our top roofing contractors right away for free estimates. Also, you may have insurance, but, quite often, your damage is below your deductible limits. In this connection, you pay for the roof replacement and roof repair, not the insurance company.

Storm Damage Restoration

Hail, wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes are what most people think causes storm damage. However, strong weather systems, wind gusts can, also, cause the most amount of damage. Most of the time, this type of damage cannot be seen from the ground. Our well-experienced roofing experts will inspect your damage and give your project the immediate attention it demands. We can provide emergency mitigation services like tarping your roof and Raleigh restorations. You will be amazed to see the results once the restoration work is complete on your roofing project. And also read out the process to claiming insurance for storm damage to your roof and get back the old look of the roof by taking the help of the proficient contractor of your roofing company in Raleigh, NC

Commercial Roofing Service

Do you build or renovate the roof of your commercial complex with the help of a local roofing company? Do you need a new roof? Our roofing company serves the whole of Raleigh NC. Our roofing contractor Raleigh NC are apt in roof construction and repair; Shops, Industries, Buildings, Condominiums, Metal Roofs, Industrial Warehouses, Metal Structures, Shed Renovations, Roof Renovations, Gutters, and Ruffles Installation. The roof reforms consist of replacing all existing tiles, replacing the slats if there are rotten or warped beams and rafters are replaced by new ones, realigning the roof, changing the ruffles, and downspouts.

Whether you need a small or large commercial roofing job or roof repair completed in Raleigh NC, the first step is finding a highly qualified roofing contractor or roofing company serving Raleigh. Southern Premier Roofing company specializes in asphalt shingle roofs for commercial properties. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, as we have years of experience as roofing company in the roofing industry. The roof on your property is a significant investment. Southern Premier Roofing company is ready to serve you at any time in any condition. If you need us to evaluate your roof, we have professional experts ready to come out for roof repair. Contact us today at our customer service number to carry out roof replacement or roof repair at your home or business premises anywhere in Raleigh NC, be it Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Wake Forest, Fuquay Varina, Durham NC and surrounding areas.

Southern Premier Roofing

#1 in Roofing Companies in Raleigh - Lifetime Warranty

If your roof needs maintenance, then we highly recommend that you should call 100% experienced roofing company in Raleigh NC. We have a team of experts who can quickly reach your location to inspect your roof for damages. Many customers hire inexperienced people to check or make minor roof repairs, which result in more issues than what there were on the roof. We at South Premier Roofing have highly qualified professionals for all types of roofs in the area.

In addition to building and refurbishing, we also provide and carry out the cleaning of gutters and roofs, preventing nozzles, conductors, and minor repairs from clogging, such as cracked tiles, small drips, raised tiles, and a detailed report on the main roof renovation items that can be needed. This plan is perfect for the property in question, the urban residential community, or commercial property owners looking to maximize their investments by extending the life of the roof and avoiding costly damage. Whenever possible every 6 months you should do preventive maintenance on your roof or hire one of our maintenance plans for checking gutters and clogged nozzles, changing broken or loose tiles, etc.

Where there are trees nearby or buildings, it is common for balls, leaves, plastic bags, or cloth to fall into the gutter and clog the nozzles leading to the overflow of water and end up entering the slab damaging the ceiling or overhang finish.

We have a team of raleigh roofing contractors who can offer the best roof maintenance in Raleigh NC. They will inspect the roof support structure, verifying if the slope is correct for the type of tile and if there is no bending framework. You can request our roofing contractor to visit your home or office to analyze problems with your roof. You will also get a free estimate on the preventive maintenance of your roof.

If the wood has cracks or sharp curvature, you must call a roofing contractor in raleigh who has years of experience in roof repairs and roof replacement in North Carolina, especially in Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Chapel Hill, Triangle Area, and Cary NC. Our roofing contractor will only use high quality materials to carry out roof repairs and replacement because we don’t just focus on roof looks, but its durability to home improvement as well. The choice of good material is also fundamental to your peace of mind for many years both in the renovation of the roof and in the construction of a new roof. Where most companies don’t provide warranties on their roofing jobs, we do because we have years of experience in residential and commercial roof replacement and repair. Contact one of our crew members for free estimates of the roofing job you want us to carry out at your premises.

Here is what our roofing company can do for urgent roof repairs in Raleigh NC:


Southern Premier Roofing company is licensed to provide you with the best quality residential and commercial roofing services in Raleigh. Just simply make a phone call and we will be right there. We operate in all areas in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we offer great work no matter how small or big the project is. If you are an owner or a manager of a property in the town, give us a phone call today to have your roof look like new in the quickest of times. We can help you with all the problems befalling your roof. We understand finding a reliable roofing contractor or a roofing company is not easy, but if you find good reviews from other customers, then that’s a great way of starting to know about the company’s work and businesses. We encourage you to ask us about our recent projects and how we have operated in Raleigh NC as roofing company for all these years. Make sure to ask all the questions that cross your mind before you request a new roof replacement, new roof construction, roof repair or roof renovation work at home or commercial building. It is only after you are 100% fully satisfied that you should ask for a quote or estimate for the work.

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