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Our Mission

The mission of Southern Premier Roofing is to earn the trust of our customers by providing fair and honest pricing along with outstanding project results. We believe it is better to take time doing a job the right way, than to compromise quality for the sake of expediency. Southern Premier Roofing works hard to demonstrate our passion for our customers’ property and their satisfaction with our work. Southern Premier Roofing will always strive to provide exceptional customer service as well as the best products for your property improvement projects.

Your Neighborhood's Best Roofing Contractor

From East to West, Southern Premier Roofing is Making Property Owners Happy

Affordable prices on roofing, siding and painting projects combined with a spirit of service has placed Southern Premier Roofing at the forefront of home improvement providers! We take care of our clients because trained professional roofing contractors understand that your satisfaction is the foundation of our future. SPR specializes in both residential and commercial projects. For the best roofing, siding, or gutter services, SPR stands ready to serve you well.

If you require a roof replacement due to missing or damaged shingles, look no further than SPR residential & commercial roofing. After 15 to 30 years of wear and tear a replacement may be advised. Always hire a true professional, like SPR for your roof work.

Roofing repair is one of the most common needs of a residential or commercial property owner. From leaks to reshingling, when the property owners throughout this service area need roof repairs, they contact us – Southern Premier Roofing. Flat roof repairs are no problem, either. Asphalt, 3-tab, or metal roofing is an area of SPR’s expertise, too.

The siding of homes and buildings is often the first thing people notice when approaching any property. Damage to siding is an eyesore. No matter what material the side of your building is made of – wood, vinyl, or fiber-cement – SPR knows how to repair or replace it with the finest workmanship and the best products available.
Most home and business owners often overlook their gutters while repairing their roof systems. Gutters protect your roof, siding and foundation from expensive water damage. In storm-prone areas like ours, that’s important! So, for gutter repairs and replacements contact Southern Premier Roofing. Be sure you don’t overlook this vital home improvement need.
From residential and commercial interior and exterior painting, SPR can handle any size project. Expect the most meticulous painting and touch-up work from our talented painting crew. SPR also addresses any mold or mildew issues before applying our fine paint products.

Has your roof sprung a leak? Is it streaked with mold or mildew? Is your roof collecting water? Let SPR conduct a professional roofing inspection. Our trained professionals will inspect the structural integrity of the roof and advise you on any repairs needed. We’ll also let you know if your roof is ready for the next storm season. Neglecting an affordable roof inspection by SPR could mean costly damage which could have been avoided!

Southern Premier Roofing

offers roofing services and products that make any remodel a real success. We’ve spent years in the roofing and construction industry, so Southern Premier Roofing has the knowledge and expertise to do the job right. Property owners throughout our service area enjoy unmatched quality and pricing in every roofing service we provide.

We’re passionate about our work and our customers' thorough satisfaction.

You’re backed by our $20,000 Directorii Guarantee!

Always count on Southern Premier Roofing to deliver great value, and customer service. Now, to fully put your mind at ease, our work comes with a $20,000 guarantee! If anything goes wrong, such as damage to your property, faulty workmanship, or incomplete work, you’re covered because SPR is a Directorii-approved contractor. Our $20,000 protection guarantee. Just another great reason to choose Southern Premier Roofing.
Why Choose SPR?

Southern Premier Roofing’s thorough knowledge of roofing techniques and practices help benefit you, our customer. Our extensive range of project capabilities means we can tackle any roofing, siding, gutter or painting job.

Rest easy knowing that a trained team of property improvement professionals are ready and eager to tackle any construction project that you throw at us! That’s why Southern Premier Roofing is one of the top-rated restoration companies in the region.

Southern Premier Roofing



You deserve great work. Your property deserves the utmost care and quality construction. Southern Premier Roofing is the company you can trust to get the job done right and at a fair price.

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Do You Qualify For a New Roof?