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Southern Premier Roofing’s thorough knowledge of roofing techniques and practices help benefit you, our customer. Our extensive range of project capabilities means we can tackle any roofing, siding, gutter or painting job.

Rest easy knowing that a trained team of property improvement professionals are ready and eager to tackle any construction project that you throw at us! That’s why Southern Premier Roofing is one of the top-rated restoration companies in the region.

How do you clean after roofing?

A new roof is a wonderful way to protect your home, but it can turn into a headache if you don’t know how to clean it after the roofing work is done. That’s where your local roofing company can help by making sure they remove all roofing materials from your property. The most customer-focused roofing company in Wilmington NC, Southern Premier Roofing, promises homeowners that their properties will be clean and free of dangerous debris like roofing nails when we leave.

How do you clean after roofing work?

A quality roofer will add their cleaning into their roof replacement process, but if they don’t, there are still some cleaning tasks to be done.

Cleanup Your Roofing Company Should Perform

No matter what, your trusted local roofers should remove certain types of roofing materials using a dumpster, including old shingles, rotten decking, damaged roof vents, bent flashing, and any excess new roofing materials.

DIY Roof Replacement Cleanup

If you end up with clean up after a roof replacement, here are some tips:

  • Find roof nails with a magnet
  • Blow away small debris
  • Pressure wash paved areas to remove tar

Experts in Roof Replacements in Wilmington NC: Southern Premier Roofing

When you need work on your roof in Wilmington NC, trust us to take care of all your needs, including cleanup after a roof replacement or new roof installation. Our roofing contractors are not only trained in roofing work but we are also dedicated to customer service. This extends to respect for your property.

For this level of service in roofing, call Southern Premier Roofing today!

What time of year is best to replace a roof?

North Carolina homeowners who have roof leaks may be wondering when is the right time of year to replace their roof. For homeowners in Wilmington NC, Southern Premier Roofing is the contractor to call when they need roof repairs and roof replacements, no matter what time of year it is.

What time of year is best to replace a roof?

The bottom line is that professional roofers can repair damaged roofs in any weather, but there are certain conditions that make it more difficult for roofing contractors to work and for roofing materials to adhere.

Here’s how the different seasons affect roof replacements.

  • Spring – Spring months can be a great time replace a roof because temperatures are warm, but this time of year also comes with lots of rain.
  • Summer – Like springtime, summer is warm enough for roofing materials to work well, but the height of summer can be dangerous for workers if it’s too hot.
  • Autumn – Fall is the most popular season for roof replacements because it’s a good temperature and less likely to be stormy, but this means that it can be hard to schedule your roof replacement.
  • Winter –  Freezing temperatures can be a problem for roofers, but it can be easier to schedule your roof services because it’s slow time of year for the roofing industry.

NC Roof Replacements in All Seasons: Southern Premier Roofing

In Wilmington NC, Southern Premier Roofing is the trusted roofing contractor for roof replacements and new roof installation because of our superior workmanship and the high quality roofing materials we use. Our roofers are professionally certified and trained in performing roof repairs and replacements in all weather and conditions.

Whether you have roofing issues and need a replacement in winter or spring, contact us! Our roof experts will work with you to find the right roofing solution.

How long does it take to tear off and replace a roof?

It’s a sad day when homeowners realize they need to get their roofs replaced, but it can be easier if they have a local roofing company on their side. In Wilmington NC, Southern Premier Roofing is the roofing company trusted for roof replacements because of our superior workmanship and the quality products we use. We’re proud to help North Carolina homeowners with a quick, efficient roof replacement.

What to Expect from a Roof Replacement from Southern Premier Roofing

How do you know you need to replace your roof in North Carolina?

Some kinds of roof damage can be easily repaired, like storm damage or a couple of missing shingles. However, when your roof has leaks in several places, is missing granules or many shingles, sags, or is over 20 years old, you need a roof tear-off and replacement.

  • What is the roof replacement process like?
  • Consultation and choice of new roofing materials
  • Roof material and dumpster delivery
  • Tear off the existing roof & remove all debris and materials
  • Replace any damaged roof decking or support
  • Install new roof, including all flashing and vents
  • Thorough clean-up of the property and quality control
  • How long does it take to tear off and replace a roof?

This depends on the size and style of your roof, but the professional roofers at Southern Premier Roofing have completed roof replacements in a single day!

Southern Premier Roofing: Wilmington NC’s Roof Replacement Experts

If you need a roof replacement in or around Wilmington NC, Southern Premier Roofing is the company to call. With decades of experience, we can tackle any style of roof, replacing old, worn roofing materials with brand new shingles or metal roofing with lifetime warranties.

Contact us today for a consultation about your roof!

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