Is Your Roof Clean? Why You Should Invest in Regular Roof Cleaning

Is Your Roof Clean? Why You Should Invest in Regular Roof Cleaning

If you think you never have to worry about your roof shingles, think again. Spores travel on wind or by animal, which could end up on your roof. They may seem harmless, but they can grow into algae and moss that have detrimental effects. Therefore, cleaning your roof regularly is important. 

The good news is, this isn’t a difficult thing to do. However, you’re going to need the help of a professional to do this. Here are some reasons you should clean your roof, as well as tips on how to prevent the growth of spores in the future: 

Roof Cleaning

Why You Should Clean Your Roof

  • Get to Extend the Life of Your Roof

When algae are left too long on your roof, they can eat away on your roof over time. They can damage your shingles by causing them to curl. When this happens, your shingles will be more susceptible to wind gusts, which can pull off your shingles, leaving them exposed to harmful elements. 

By regular cleaning, you will be able to remove these organisms and extend the life of your roof.

  • Improve Your Roof’s Protective Ability

The growth of moss and algae on your roof can be detrimental to its reflective abilities. In turn, this will make your roof less efficient. Moreover, they can also retain water on the surface of the roof, and if left unaddressed, water can get through shingles and through the roof. As a result, it can lead to rot, leaks, or mold. 

  • Identify Roof Damage Symptoms

Do you notice peeling on your roof shingles? Perhaps, you see it as needing a repair. The thing is, it may be difficult to see these because algae and moss growth can conceal these symptoms. Therefore, you won’t be able to catch the issue immediately. That’s why you need to remove them by cleaning, which will let you assess the roof’s condition. 

If your roof looks out of shape, then you probably need more than just cleaning. 

Cleaning Roof Shingles

What are the things you need to know when cleaning your roof shingles? As mentioned, it’s best you leave this to professionals, but it’s essential you understand how the process goes. 

Your professional roofer will likely use a chemical solution, such as a combination of bleach and water. They will use a sprayer to distribute the chemical over your roof evenly. The solution will sit for at least 15 minutes on your roof to allow enough time to seep into moss or algae. 

Finally, your roofer will remove the moss or algae by spraying the roof down with a hose. For stubborn ones, your roofer will need to remove them by hand.

Maintaining Clean Roof Shingles

Here are some tips for maintaining the cleanliness of your roof shingles.

  • Give your gutters a good clean when you clean your roof shingles. 
  • Trim tree branches that touch the roof or block the sun. 
  • Don’t use a power washer to clean your roof. The forceful stream of water can damage shingles or even force water underneath them. 


If you notice a lot of debris, moss, etc. on your roof and you don’t know what to do, it’s best you reach out to a professional roofer. Roof cleaning and maintenance must only be done by roofing experts.

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