What’s in Pope Field, North Carolina?

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Pope Field, NC is a United States Army installation located twelve miles west of the downtown business district of Fayetteville, North Carolina, in Cumberland County. The main function of Pope Field is to house the headquarters of Fort Bragg and all Army posts and military facilities in the area. The area around Pope Field has grown substantially in recent years as more homes are being built and there is an influx of families from the southern part of North Carolina to the north. One of the most important characteristics of Pope Field is its proximity to the spring and dam area of Lake Conway. This is important for many reasons. Here is a brief description of what is included in the Pope Field area: More can be found here.

First, it is close to several water bodies such as Lake Conway, Old Lynchburg Creek, Lake Lanier, and Lake Macatawa. Second, it is located just about fifteen miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Third, it is also near the Appalachian Trail, making it a popular hiking area for many hikers who enjoy the outdoors. Fourth, it is about thirty miles away from the Appalachian Trail Centennial Trail. Learn more about The Real Nature of Judson, NC.

Spring Lake is about twenty miles from Pope Field. Spring Lake is the second-largest man-made lake on the North Carolina coast, after Gatlinburg National Airport. It was named for the springs found on its shores. Spring Lake features a variety of different water features including waterfalls, lakes, and streams. Many people choose to fish in Spring Lake because it is fairly small. It is home to a variety of different species of fish. Spring Lake also has a variety of birds, which can be viewed in the numerous birdhouses located along its shoreline.

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