What is the Purpose of The North Carolina State Memorial Bell Tower In Raleigh, NC?

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The North Carolina State University Memorial Belltower in Raleigh, NC is a majestic structure that dominates the campus of the university. This structure is a very important landmark of the campus as it features an important mission statement. It is said that this bell tower was created with the assistance of an artist who is a native of India and England. In addition to being a highly significant symbol of the university, this bell tower also stands for the fact that the university holds a very prominent place among all the educational institutions in the country. The bell has a symbolic meaning that represents its mission as the official bell of the university that states, “This bell is for you to remember your dreams, your aspirations and the power of determination.” Further facts about Raleigh, NC can be found here.

The bell tower of the university was built in the year 1929 with a budget of $200 dollars. The construction of the bell itself started just after the bell tower was completed. The bell tower was actually constructed using several types of materials including wood, brick, stone, iron, glass, and steel. The first part of the bell tower was made up of the brick and then it was covered with the glass so that no light could shine on it. The bricks were then used to make the sides and the top. Next, they used the stone to make the base and the bottom half of the bell tower. The glass was then added to the bottom part and finally it was covered with iron to create the outer part of the bell tower. Information about Things To Know About North Carolina State Capitol In Raleigh, NC

In the year 1931, the bell was dedicated in front of a crowd that included the governor and other dignitaries of the state. In order to complete the dedication ceremony, the bell was then transported on a plane and was then brought to the University’s campus for a special service. At the time, the bell was not in good condition due to the constant weather changes that the university experiences. The bell was restored and placed back in the bell tower by the North Carolina bell tower restoration company of Raleigh. These experts are specialized in restoring bell towers that have been damaged or need restoration. They use a variety of methods and techniques to restore bell towers such as sanding, staining, repainting, coating, painting, and polishing to ensure that the bell looks like it was in its best shape ever again.


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