What Are Shingle Tiles, And Why Are They So Popular?

What Are Shingle Tiles, And Why Are They So Popular?

If you made it this far, it is because you must have heard of the Shingle tile, right? If you want to know all about shingle tiles, then just keep reading the post, as you will get to know everything about this most popular type of roofing material.


What is Shingle Tile?

In general, this type of tile is nothing more than a style that practically resembles small plates that have the perfect fit between one and the other. In this way, it triggers a very interesting visual harmony, without generating all that “volume” that we usually see with other types of tiles.

Initially, this type of material was widely used in American homes but was started in the country houses.

What are the advantages of Shingle tile?

Now that you have understood what this type of tile is, you may be asking yourself: but why bet on this alternative? What are the real advantages of this possibility? Below we explain each of them:

1. Beauty and sophistication for the facade of the house

The façade of your home will certainly be even more beautiful with this type of tile. That’s because it has a more sophisticated finish, in addition to having several different colors available. Therefore, you can buy that option that matches the rest of your decor’s color palette. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Durability

This type of tile is super resistant and has incredible durability. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about frequent maintenance. Likewise, it rarely breaks, as with other styles. And yet, its finish makes your roof practically always clean.

3. Lightness

The structure where you will be placing your tile does not need to be as “strong” as with other options. This is because the tiles are super light and do not require such intense support. With that, you end up even saving on the final value of your work.

4. A somewhat democratic model

One of the biggest advantages of using Shingle tile is that it doesn’t need to be used on one type of slope, but it is versatile enough to be used on diverse styles of roofs. So, if you want a straighter finish, that’s fine. If you want a more inclined one, that’s fine too!

The important thing is that you choose the style that best suits your taste and, from there, bet on the tile of the color you want.

Another notable feature of shingle tiles is the models, colors, and styles they are available at because if you don’t know the right model, then you could end up ruining the looks of your property. In addition to offering many different colors, the shapes and finishes can also vary a lot. It will be up to you to decide which is best suited to fit the roof designed for your home.

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