Top Questions About Getting A New Roof Answered

Top Questions About Getting A New Roof Answered

Getting a new roof is not as easy as you might think it is, so if you are going to construct a new roof at your house, then you need to find a roofing contractor and ask him the following questions to make an informed decision.


Question 1 – Do you have a valid license to carry out roofing jobs?

Answer – A roofing contractor needs to be licensed, but the license codes and requirements differ from states to states. You should check whether the roofing contractor has a valid license because this will give you legal recourse in case, there is some fault in the work done.

Question 2 – Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?

Answer – It is now important for companies to offer worker’s compensation insurance to their workers, and you must ask for the same. The reason being, if any injury occurs to the worker while constructing a roof on your property, then you can be held responsible for the medical expenses.

Question 3 – Do you carry general liability insurance?

Answer – This insurance helps get you compensation in case anything happens to your property because of work. Ask your roofing contractor to show general liability insurance to be sure that you get compensation in the event of any damage to your property.

Question 4 – Do you use roofing subcontractors?

Answer – Many roofing contractors hire subcontractors to carry out roofing work, and if your contractor practices the same thing, then make sure, he has worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. You should also get lien waivers to protect yourself in case, the contractor doesn’t pay subcontractors.

Question 5 – Will my old roof be removed or are you going to shingle over it?

Answer – Many roof contractors just shingle over the old roof, which is just like sweeping dirt under the carpet. Shingling over the roof is not the solution because the underlying problems such as soft or rotten spots will remain as it is. In the future, the problems may get bigger and then, you will have to spend more on the repairs. The contractor must remove the old roof before installing a new one to ensure that all the issues have been acknowledged and fixed.

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Question 6 – Will you install drip edge/edge metal while installing a new roof?

Answer – Drip edge and edge metal are tiny bits of aluminum placed under the shingle. The purpose of having a drip edge is to guide the water into the gutters rather than staying on the roof, hence protecting the fascia and wood of the roof. Make sure your roofing contractor installs this regardless of whether you’ve asked for it or not.

Question 7 – Will you be using standoffs or ladder stabilizers for protecting the gutters while installing roof?

Answer – Standoffs and stabilizers will prevent your gutter by keeping a significant amount of weight off it as your roofing contractor replaces the roof. Make sure that the contractor you hire uses a ladder stabilizer or standoff.

Question 8 – How will you dispose of the refuse material?

Answer – When a roof is replaced, a huge amount of refuse is produced from shingles, drip edge, nails and old plywood, etc. So, make sure to ask the contractor whether he will be bringing a container for quick and easy disposal or refuse or not.

Question 9 – Do you operate locally? What’s your address and contact number?

Answer – It is always better to hire a local roof contractor to reach him in the event of any problem with the roof after the roof construction process. You should get his company’s address and contact details to reach him easily with your queries.

Question 10 – What will be the warranty period on the new roof?

Answer – Shingles are about the same price as older ones, but they are more durable, hence lasting 25 years easily. So, you must question if the warranty is less than 25 years.

Question 11 – How much will be the cost of plywood if you find rotten or soft roof decking?

Answer – Your roofing contractor may surprise you with the hidden cost of the plywood. So, to avoid such an unpleasant surprise, make sure to ask the contractor about the amount per plywood sheet and compare the amount being charged by other roofing contractors to find the genuine contractor.

Question 12 – Will there be a person onsite to talk to in case I have questions?

Answer – Just imagine coming back to home from work and seeing roofing contractors packing stuff to leave, but there is a hole in the roof. Will you not want to ask them why there is a hole in the roof and will they be fixing it before calling it a day? A project manager should be there to assist you with your questions.

Question 13 – Will you provide me with a written estimate?

Answer – You should get a detailed estimate in writing before you finalize anything with the contractor. You should know all the details of removing the old roof, materials required for getting a new roof, and other things that may come during the new roof installation process.

Question 14 – How will you deal with inclement weather while working on the roof?

Answer – New roof installation should be done in good weather, but nobody has control over winds, rain, and snow. A professional and experienced roofing contractor will definitely have something in mind to keep your roof, home interior and other parts of the house safe. 

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