The Gorgeous City of Spring Lake, North Carolina

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Spring Lake, North Carolina is a small city in the southwestern portion of Cumberland County, located in the southern part of Hillsborough County. The 2020 census reported the population at eleven,965 people, with an estimated population in 2020 of twelve,005. The population growth rate for Spring Lake is about two percent above the state average. With a population of this size, there is room for improvement in the overall quality of life for residents, and a greater emphasis on environmental awareness and a more sustainable community. One of the key initiatives to achieve these goals has been the development of a sustainable economic strategy. The plan includes a vision and a long term strategy that will provide incentives for businesses and communities to be more “green.” As part of the strategic vision for the city plans to develop many community centers, parks, and recreation areas to meet the needs of the people. See more here.

In the early 2000s, the city of Spring Lake was named one of the National Bluegrass Festival Top Ten Festivals in America. Over the past decade, there have been major improvements made to the downtown area and surrounding areas of the city. The improvement program for the area includes improving streets, parks, and recreation areas and the overall quality of life of residents. One of the best features of the area is the Riverwalk. This walkway along the shores of the Lyle River provides visitors and residents with a beautiful overlook of the Lyle River and the Atlantic Ocean. This walking trail has many activities available including fishing, boating, fishing, nature photography, river rafting, and biking. The River Walk is open to the public every day from sunrise until sunset and also features many other recreational opportunities. See here for information about Rockfish, North Carolina – Its Natural Beauty and Unique Fishing.

The Spring Lake, NC Downtown Development Authority is looking to increase the value of the property owned by the city through various forms of development. The new master plan includes several proposed projects for the downtown area, including a new commercial center on the Lyle River. This will bring additional jobs to the area and improve the quality of life for residents, including a grocery store. And other retail opportunities that will benefit local businesses. The new Lyle River Center will be completed in two phases, the first including a grocery store and other retail shops on site, and the second adding housing to the Lyle River and creating an expanded walking area.

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