The Different Types Of Flat Roofs

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In general, there are two types of roof terraces, including the accessible roof terrace and the inaccessible roof terrace. Unlike a sloping roof or a rounded roof, the installation of a flat roof does not require the installation of a frame, but of a load-bearing part. However, making a roof terrace yourself requires adherence to building standards. This page tells you more about the different types of patio roofs, and their uses.

Roof terrace: definition

The roof is the stage, which completes the external construction of a house; it is part of the major works. The roof terrace is one of the possible options when building a roof.

Composition of a roof terrace

The roof terrace is one of the possible roof styles. This type of cover is composed of a single panel. It differs from other types of roofs by the absence of a frame. On the other hand, it has a load-bearing element, which comprises:

  • Slope,
  • An insulation element,
  • Opening,
  • Protection,
  • Vapor barrier.

These are the main elements that make up a flat roof.

The different types of flat roofs

In addition, the roof terrace comes in two forms, namely an accessible roof and a non-accessible roof.

The accessible roof is typically designed in stone, wood, concrete and tile. As a result, the places are well equipped for the various trips.

Whether accessible or inaccessible, the roof terrace requires:

  • A support that does not require complicated materials;
  • Masonry consisting of a concrete, steel or other slab;
  • An assembly of the reinforced concrete slab, sheet steel;
  • Woodwork, most often in solid wood.

The 3 main supporting materials for a flat roof

For any construction of a roof terrace, there are 3 types of support materials. The latter are essential in this kind of work.


Wood is an essential element in the design of a flat roof. To do this, you will only have to build a rigid structure in wood or one of its derivatives such as plywood. The latter must be treated externally. You can also build panels from compressed wood particles treated with water repellent products. It is a much more expensive option, but more durable and aesthetic.


This is most often composed of a simple solid slab of concrete or composite material. This solution is heavier and requires a house with a solid foundation. But, when it comes to the construction of flat roofs, this solution remains the most efficient.

The carrier part

This part includes several elements. It is important that it incorporate a slope. Admittedly, the slope is not very steep, but allows the rainwater to drain properly. Generally, the slope varies between 1 and 5% and depends on the accessibility or not of the roof. Note that the surface also plays a role in the shape. If the surface of your terrace is not large enough, the shape will come out a little rounded. On the other hand, if it is more important, it will be tilted. However, in both cases, small cavities are needed for water drainage.

Insulation for a flat roof

For good drainage of rainwater, a flat roof must not be completely flat. Indeed, it is necessary to respect a slope of 1 to 5 degrees at least. For an accessible roof, a slope of 1.5 to 2 degrees is recommended. In addition, to avoid humidity, a vapor barrier should be installed. The latter helps to stop water vapor and protect the roof insulation. You have the choice between vapor barriers in aluminum foil or bitumen felt. The choice depends on 2 factors, including the humidity and the heating mode of the house.

In addition, to maintain heat and prevent heat loss from above, good insulation is needed. It is still a strict rule, which the roof terrace must meet. Unlike a sloping and rounded roof, the insulation of a flat roof is done from the outside.

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