Solar Shingles

Transforming the solar industry


All-in-one 15 yr warranty covers the product as both a roof and solar product


Clean energy generation is now simple and accessible with less hardware


A design-forward look that is sleeker than solar panels. 100% Made in the USA

Homeowners in North Carolina trust Southern Premier Roofing for their roof upgrades, roofing repairs, and roof replacements, and now they can trust them with the latest in roofing technology: solar shingles brought to you by roofing industry leaders, GAF. This revolutionary new roofing material integrates solar technology with roof shingles to create an attractive roofing option that pays for itself!

Curious about how solar roofing works and how it can benefit your home? Let Southern Premier Roofing explain this latest new roofing technology.


Your Solar Shingle Questions Answered

  • How do solar shingles work?

    Like traditional roofing shingles, solar roof shingles are created from thin layers of different materials. The bottom layer of the shingle provides strength and waterproofing for the roof, and it’s topped with a photovoltaic layer, or the layer that converts sunlight into energy. Integrated wires carry the energy into the home. The top layer is a special clear polymer that makes the whole thing waterproof while preserving the solar shingle and allowing light to reach the photovoltaic layer.

  • When does it make sense to consider solar shingles over solar panels?

    If you are replacing your current roof shingles, solar panels are the right roof material choice because instead of just replacing your roof with energy-efficient roofing, you can replace it with roofing that actually produces energy! Solar roofing shingles are less than a quarter-inch thick, so they have a sleek, low-profile look that doesn’t detract from your home’s beauty like bulky solar panels. Solar shingles are also nailable just like regular shingles, so they don’t require expensive and complicated roof attachments. These aspects make solar shingles vastly superior to panels.

  • Why GAF Timberline Solar Shingles?

    GAF has been a leader in roofing materials for decades, and they’ve put their considerable experience to bear on this new solar roofing technology. The Timberline Solar Energy Shingle by GAF is the first material of its kind that has been recognized as both a solar energy product and a roofing product, and it’s also earned UL’s 7103 energy certification, making it available for use on residential homes. Not only are they energy efficient, but these solar shingles are manufactured right here in the USA by GAF!


  • GAF Energy has launched the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle (ES)TM.
  • Combined with other standard roofing components, the ES creates Timberline Solar, the only product to integrate solar technology into existing roofing processes and materials to yield a full-fledged solar roof.
  • This launch marks a turning point in residential solar energy, as incorporating solar is now as easy as building a traditional roof.
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