Solar Shingle Launched in North Carolina

Solar Shingle Launched in North Carolina

While most people think of the same old asphalt shingles when someone mentions getting a new roof, your local roofing company has more capabilities than you’d think. Especially Southern Premier Roofing, Fayetteville NC’s most experienced local roofing company, stays on the cutting edge of new solar roofing materials and roof technologies.

The latest in this kind of solar roofing technology are solar shingles: roof shingles that are also solar panels! While the Tesla car and technology company got famous by promising solar shingles, these are from one of the most reputable roofing manufacturers in the industry: GAF.

Top roofer in NC leading the solar roof shingle product launch

Because the professional roofers at Southern Premier Roofing are considered GAF Master Elite Roofers, they get to install these brand new cutting-edge solar shingles in North Carolina.

All about the new Solar Shingles available in NC

  • How do solar shingles work? These new solar shingles, named Timberline, are made of layers of materials, including solar cells and a special clear protective polymer top coat. Because it’s all one shingle and not a tile or panel, it can be installed with a nail gun just like any other dimensional shingle or 3-tab shingle.
  • Is this new roofing cost effective? Their lightning-quick shingle installation time means that solar roofing costs are in the range of many homeowners in North Carolina and around the nation. They also don’t require special mounting hardware, which adds to cost.
  • Can they go on any roof? GAF solar shingles can go on with any other GAF shingles for a seamless delivery of power to the home and a reduced cost.

Southern Premier Roofing: Cutting Edge Roofers in North Carolina

We are proud to bring this new technology, which can protect area homes and save homeowners money, to towns around Fayetteville like Raleigh, Durham NC, Greensboro, Charlotte, and other Eastern North Carolina communities.

Let your local GAF Master Elite Roofers make your house a true smart home with solar shingles!

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