Six Myths About Metal Roofs And Their Realities

Six Myths About Metal Roofs And Their Realities

Myths and legends start for all kinds of people, places, and even building materials! Metal roofs have more than their share, perhaps because they have undergone several transformations over the years. Several myths are doing rounds for metal roofs as well, which need to be busted. Check out six most common myths about metal roofing.


Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Will a metal roof increase the risk of your house being struck by lightning? It is true that metal conducts electricity, but one should keep in mind that metal doesn’t attract electricity. A metal roof is non-combustible, which is why it is safer than other types of roofs, including wood. So, you and your family are totally protected in your house that has a metal roof.

The rain makes a racket

Do metal roofs create too much noise in the rain? No, that is not the case because the roof is installed on the existing roof with attic space and insulation, so it isn’t as loud as other types of roofs. It may actually be quieter, so your sleep won’t get disturbed during rain.

Hail damage

Can metal roofs be damaged by hail? Extremely large hailstones can damage a metal roof, but not normal-sized hail. If you have installed textured roofs, then you will find that small bumps are hardly visible.

Unable to walk on a metal roof

This is again a misconception against metal roofs because you can easily walk on a metal roof, but you must know how to walk on the roof without being injured. Get in touch with your roof manufacturer to find the right way of walking on it.

Very cold in winter

Many people believe that a metal roof makes a house colder in winter, which is nothing but a myth because a metal roof does not affect the temperature of the typical ventilated attic in winter. The warmth is provided by the insulation done under the floor or on top of the attic.

A metal roof will make my house look like an industrial building or a barn.

Metal roofs are not only available in a large number of colors, but they can also be adapted to almost any architectural style.

Metal roofs can mimic the appearance of shakes, slate, and clay. This allows owners to shape the house according to their style while achieving exceptional durability and performance. Once a style is chosen, it can be personalized with a wide range of color options. Copper, titanium, and stainless steel are popular among homeowners looking for that unique look.

These are some common myths about metal roofs, which are doing rounds in the market, and you must not pay attention to these. If you want to go for metal roofs, then just go for it, as they are totally safe for your house. Get in touch with a roofing expert in Raleigh to know more about the style and length of the roof required for your house and be done with the entire process.

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