The Ultimate Rundown of the Different Roof Types You Should Know

The Ultimate Rundown of the Different Roof Types You Should Know

When building a home or making a few home improvements, choosing the right roof shape and style can be daunting because of the different types to choose from in the market. Besides protecting you and boosting your home’s aesthetics, a roof can also give you an additional living space as well as energy-saving solutions.

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So before you speak to a roofing company, below is a rundown of the different roof types you need to consider so you can find the best one for your living space. Let’s take a look what you learn from this article:

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Type #1: Gable Roof

A gable roof, also known as a peaked or pitched roof, is one of the most popular roofs in the US and has a familiar triangular structure. The great thing about this type of roof is that it can withstand a bunch of seasons — from snowy months to rainy days — since it can easily slide off its sides. 

Besides that, it can add more space to your home, giving you more room for an attic or vaulted ceiling, as well as encourage sufficient ventilation. However, gable roofs can be problematic when it comes to high winds and hurricanes since it’s structural design may cause them to collapse with such force. 

Type #2: Hip Roof

You’ll often find hip roofs in a two-story house with porches and slopes on all four sides. What makes these roofs efficient is that they’re more stable than gable roofs, thanks to their inward slope installed on all four sides.

In that regard, hip roofs are great options for high wind and snowy locations, allowing water and snow to slide off its sides easily. But note that this type of roof can be quite expensive to build because of its complex design. 

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Type #3: Mansard Roof

Also known as a French roof, a mansard roof is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side that meets, forming a low-pitched roof. When you observe this type of roof, you’ll notice that the lower slope is much steeper than the upper slides, and its sides can be curved or flat. This design gives you extra living space, such as an attic or living quarter.

Sadly, Maynard roofs don’t do well in heavy snowfall areas since their aesthetic details can easily get damaged. But the extra cost is ultimately worth it as it brings your home much character and space. 

Type #4: Gambrel Roof

The gambrel roof promises you extra living space, and it’s quite easy to frame out as well. Additionally, because of its simple design — only using two beams and a gusset joint — you’ll only need a few construction materials, allowing you to save costs on roof construction. 

The downside of having this type of roof is that it doesn’t do well in heavy snowfall and heavy wind areas because of its open design, causing it to collapse with extreme pressure. 

Type #5: Flat Roof

If you’re looking to have an extra living space on the roof for a garden, patio, or penthouse room, consider getting a flat roof. However, this type of roof is often used in commercial spaces since it’s a great option for heating and cooling units to be placed on the roof. 

The cons of having a flat roof are that it’s more susceptible to water leakage, so it’s not advisable to have this type of roof in heavy rainfall or snowfall areas. Even if it’s less expensive, upkeep and maintenance may burn a hole in your pockets. 

Type #6: Skillion Roof

Skillion roofs are single sloping roofs attached to a higher wall and often used for home additions, porches, and sheds. Its design can withstand heavy snowfall and rain as it slides down its sides easily.

Although it can be aesthetically pleasing, the downside is that it can give you lower ceilings and are problematic in high wind areas. 

Type #7: Jerkinhead Roof

It’s safe to say that the Jerkinhead roof is a mixture of gable and hip roofs, providing you with stability and architectural performance. The great thing about this is that it’s more resistant to wind damage and can provide you with extra living space. Because of their complex design, these types of roofs may cost a bit higher than most.

Type #8: Butterfly Roof

The butterfly roof’s design uses two tandem pieces angled up on the outside and meets into a valley, making the roof look like butterfly wings in flight. This type of roof is popular among modern and eco-friendly homes. 

Butterfly roofs help bring in more natural light and heat, allowing you to save more on energy bills. But because of its complexity, materials, and maintenance, this is another expensive roof option in the books. 

Type #9: Bonnet Roof

Also known as a reverse mansard roof, a bonnet roof provides homes with extra living space and lends itself to dormers or side windows. It does a great job of protecting porches and walls from water damage. 

Seeing as it allows water to slide off the slopes easily, it’s more durable than a gable roof. But because of its complicated design and building materials, this roof option can be quite expensive, too.

Type #10: Saltbox Roof

If you’re looking for an asymmetrical design, consider getting a saltbox roof. This design mixes early Colonial and Cape Cod designs, adding more space in your home with fewer materials. Because its slopes allow water to run off easily, saltbox roofs offer excellent durability for heavy rain areas. 

However, the design is quite complex, so the building costs may be a bit higher than simpler designs.

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Right Roof Shouldn’t Be Difficult

With the right roofing company, you’ll get to find the best roof option for your home or commercial space. Knowing which roof works for your lifestyle and location will help you save loads in expenses and maintenance, allowing you to budget your money for other needs. With that being said, work with the right roofing contractors for your roofing requirements. 

How Can We Help You?

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