Is It Time For A Roof Inspection? – Watch Out for These Signs

Is It Time For A Roof Inspection? – Watch Out for These Signs

There is more to being a homeowner than cleaning the house and styling it according to your personality. Owners have to perform occasional renovations on their homes, and the longer you’ve had your house, the more things there seem that need fixing! The roof, in particular, requires plenty of maintenance measures like gutter installation services and roof replacements. If you’re a homeowner, here are a few signs that your roof needs repairs.

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There Is Visible Roof Damage

The first thing you should check for is obvious signs of disrepair like broken shingles, large holes in the roof, or things sticking out where they should not. If you see these, it’s best to contact a professional right away; do not attempt to fix it since you might cause harm to yourself.

Sunlight Or Rain Comes Through

When there are holes in your roof big enough for sunshine to come in, you are sure that the roof is damaged. Sometimes, though, homeowners neglect to check for this, especially if they have attics or rooms they do not use frequently. To check for holes, turn off all the lights, close the door, and draw the curtains; this makes the room as dark inside as possible. If there are even small sparkles of light on the ceiling, you indeed have holes in your roof.

Aside from sunlight, another obvious sign is that your roof leaks when it rains. Even small leaks let moisture in, which can spread far in your roofing material. When the temperature changes, the moisture expands and contracts your roof and widens the openings.

There Is Moisture In Strange Areas

Check for puddles and wet spots of moisture around your house, especially during or after a rainstorm. Look for blistering or peeling paint and other signs of excess moisture. Areas like these are breeding grounds for fungi, which are hazardous to your family’s health.

If you have had leaks for a while, there will be reddish-brown, yellow, or grey discolorations and streaks on your walls and ceiling. When moisture seeps further down into your home, it brings dirt with it, and if this dirty water soaks through to the surface, it will discolor the paint.

You Have A Sagging Ceiling

Besides discolorations, another sign of advanced water damage is a sagging ceiling. A ceiling with sagging areas is means water has pooled in the same spots in the roof so many times that the ceiling is warping under its weight. When you observe this, it is best to go to a professional specializing in roofing repair.

Your Energy Bills Are Inexplicably Rising

Air and heat can leak through your roof, just like water and light. If there is a temperature leak in your home, the heating and cooling system needs to run more frequently so it can keep your home’s temperature at acceptable levels. If your energy bill keeps rising every month, there could be a leak in your roof. Since rising energy bills could point to many things, check as well if your home has any of the other symptoms here.

Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

Roofs have a life span of about 20 years. Anything older needs replacing; if you are unsure how old your roof is, check the ones on your neighbors’ homes. The residences in your area were likely built at around the same time. If theirs look new and yours does not, it means your roof needs replacing.


A sturdy roof keeps your family safe from the elements, and it helps your home’s longevity. However, it is prone to the same deterioration and disrepair as other parts of a house. If you notice any of the signs above in your house, it is time to have a professional check your roof.

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