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To ensure your roof lasts its full expectancy of 15-30 years, regular maintenance and repairs are critical. Most roofs require repairs after about 10 to 15-years unless severe conditions necessitate repairs much sooner. High winds, hail, and heavy rain or snow often produce the need for roof repairs. Southern Premier Roofing is no stranger to storm damage. Our project managers and on-site insurance adjusters ensure each repair project is done thoroughly, so it’s safe to return home or resume business. Southern Premier Roofing is Ready for all form of Roof Repairs

Rapid Response Your Roof Repair Needs…

  • We fix damage from wind, rain, hail, lightning, and falling objects
  • We address damage that develops from fungal and algae growth on your roof and other conditions of wear and tear
  • We help you to understand the insurance process and filing a claim
  • SPR provides fair and accurate estimates outlining every necessary detail of your project


Leaks are the leading cause of roof repairs. Overtime wear and tear can damage the shingles of your roof or cause them to fall off entirely. Once gaps and openings start to appear on your roof, it’s only a matter of time before a storm rolls in, causing water to penetrate the cracks in your shingles and damaging the roof. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals at SPR for immediate roof repairs. We’ll repair any damage and run a careful inspection to best ensure that future damages occur.


Over-time the roof shingles can come loose, become damaged, or be stripped away entirely. When this occurs, reshingling is the best option for repairs.

Thicker, heavier, high-quality shingles, such as those used by Southern Premier Roofing will prove more resistant to inclement weather. Most repairs are easily manageable by competent professionals and don’t require much time. SPR makes sure to install new shingles in a precise manner to facilitate air flow in order to always maintain comfortable temperatures and efficient HVAC function within your home or building. Although reshingling may sound simple, it’s always dangerous to climb any roof, therefore repairs are best left to a capable roofing contractor like Southern Premier Roofing.

Roof Flashing

Flashing is the material covering the corners and edges around objects that protrude from the roof, such as vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights. Flashing is designed to tighten seams so that water can not pass through. Roof flashing can also be used to waterproof pipes, supports, or cables that may also be lining the surface of your roof. Most leakages originate from flashing that has become dislodged, misaligned, and not maintained during annual inspections. Roof flashing is a vital component to any roof, and damage to it should be taken seriously.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs require special repair solutions unlike regular asphalt shingle roofing. Most metal roofs come in two different varieties – either architectural metal roofs that you can find on residential buildings, and structural metal roofs commonly used on commercial buildings. Most of the problems with metal roofs are due to poor installation practices. Southern Premier Roofing is careful to avoid flaws in the installation process, and during our inspection, we’ll detect mistakes made by a prior contractor, then SPR will fix the issue quickly.

Depending on the severity of the roof damage, you may not need a full roof replacement. Instead, your roof may need some minor roof repairs and reshingling instead. Southern Premier Roofing solves your roof problems quickly using the best restoration techniques and the finest materials.

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