Roof Renovation: When And How To Do It?

Roof Renovation: When And How To Do It?

The roof plays a major role in the residence: protecting the house, especially in periods of rain. It is for these and other reasons that the roof needs constant maintenance because the house is not in good internal condition if the roof is vulnerable. Likewise, there is no point in changing the tiles without first establishing criteria.

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With that in mind, we have listed some tips to find out how and when to renovate this very important component of the house. Check out:

When to change the roof?

Have you noticed leaks at home? Has your house suffered from winds at night? Are leaves and other solid waste falling in your home? It may be that some tile is broken or out of place. If that is the case, it is high time to repair it!
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What to observe before the renovation?

Before renovating the roof, it is necessary to check if the slopes, the woodwork, spacing, and other specifications of the roof are in perfect condition and support the material change. If they are not, it is recommended to change this structural part. In addition, if possible, gutters and flashings (sheets that prevent rainwater from entering buildings) should be redone.

Pay attention to the choice of material

It is important to select the best quality tiles, as this directly interferes with the durability and sealing of the roof. Remember that the better the tile, the less the need for renovation. Another important point is to use tiles from a single manufacturer. It is not good to use different ceramic products, let alone different sizes. This compromises the fit!

Be careful when walking on the roof

You can walk on the roof, as long as you put a rough board on the tiles and be very careful not to fall or break any pieces. Never step directly on the tile or walk on the roof when it is wet.

Waterproof tiles

There are special waterproofing products for ceramic tiles on the market. These products are silicone or acrylic resins, developed to be applied on ceramic bases. Waterproofing products adhere to porous surfaces, forming a thin waterproof and resistant protective film.

It is essential to use these products in the renovation of the roof, as they prevent the accumulation of dust, the penetration of moisture, and the formation of slime and soot. The result is the most beautiful look, with a clean and dry appearance for longer. The product must be applied every 5 years or every roof renovation.

Extra Tips

  • To change a broken tile, you may not need to hire a professional. But for complete roof renovations, it is essential to have specialized labor;
  • If you want to save on the renovation, opt for light and flexible tiles, made of alternative materials. They are cheaper and installation is faster and more practical;
  • Use metal blankets under the roof to prevent leaks and seepage;
  • Perform constant maintenance by cleaning the tiles and gutters every six months. This makes all the difference in roof maintenance!

And did you already know about the importance of renovating and maintaining the roof in good condition? Have you done this type of work at home? Leave your comment and tell us your experience!

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