8 Roofing Material Types to Consider For Your New Roof

8 Roofing Material Types to Consider For Your New Roof

Not many people enjoy roofing their homes. Sure, it is a must-do activity to complete a house, but the thought of roofing the home isn’t as fun as other renovations like a kitchen remodel, a bathroom upgrade, and other projects. However, once a homeowner spots leaks, the idea of getting a roof may become a lot more exciting. When done right, a good roof will not only keep the home high and dry but can also boost the home’s value by enhancing its curb appeal.


That said, are you interested in roofing your home? If so, don’t simply pick a random roofing material and hire some professionals to install it. You need to take the time to consider all various roofing materials you can access to ensure you pick the correct type of roof that does the job you need it to do. Here are some of the best ones:

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1. Clay Roofs

Clay roofs are made out of earthen clays molded into shapes that interlock with one another and fired. However, unlike things like clay pottery, clay roofs are unglazed, giving them an orange-reddish look. Some clay shingles can still be glazed, offering a ceramic roofing option instead. 

Regardless of your choice, clay roofs are excellent materials for hot climates or where there is salt air. It is resistant to the air and works incredibly well at keeping the home cool.

2. Metal Roofs

For homeowners who want to delve away from traditional asphalt shingles but want to keep its look with a whole new material, metal can do that exactly. Metal shingles and shakes exist to imitate the face of a traditional home, thanks to technologies that allow coatings and mineral granules to be baked right into the piece. 

They can also imitate many other types of materials like wood, slate, or even clay! In other words, metal roofing is perfect for those who want to achieve a specific look while enjoying the durability that metal has to offer.

3. Green Roofs

For green thumbs and those who genuinely want a unique, unorthodox roof on their house that benefits the earth are green roofs. Yes, they are eco-friendly, but not in the way you think they are.

Some green roofs may perhaps be green because of the eco-friendly materials it is made from, but the green roofs we are talking about today are ones with moss growing. Moss isn’t a good sign on many roofs, but it is great on a green top. Such roofs are designed to help produce oxygen, provide thermal insulation, absorb rainwater, and grow plants. 

4. Slate Roofs

If anyone is trying to look for arguably the most delicate and most beautiful roofing solution out there, slate roofing must be on top of the list. Slate roofs look stunning as they are made out of thin sheets of actual stone. Because of this fact, slate roofs also last incredibly long. Some slate roofs out there are well over a hundred years old and still perform incredibly well. 

Unfortunately, slate roofing is expensive, primarily because of its labor cost. It takes a professional to install this kind of roof, and to make things more challenging, finding those professionals can also be quite a challenge.

5. Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs are one of the most popular types of roofs you will ever find in North America. These materials are made with a fiberglass base that is covered with asphalt and other materials. 

These are the perfect go-to roofing material for many homeowners, simply because it is easily accessible, easy to repair, and overall not too expensive. Plus, many asphalt roofs come with twenty or more years of warranty, giving homeowners peace of mind.

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6. Wooden Roofs

Many people might think that wooden roofs are wrong, simply because wood and the outside element generally do not go well together. This is partially true—in areas that experience a lot of moisture, wooden roofs are a no-go. They are also a bad pick in the regions that experience wildfires, as wood has a much higher chance of catching fire than other materials like concrete or metal. 

Wooden roofs are beautiful, albeit incredibly expensive. As such, it is perfect for homeowners who live in drier climates and have the money to invest in something to boost their home’s curb appeal to a whole new level.

7. Concrete Roofs

Concrete roofs are similar to clay roofs we mentioned earlier. It offers similar advantages and is also even installed similarly. However, one of the more significant differences between a concrete roof and a clay roof is that many concrete roofs are designed with a decorating coating. 

Concrete tiles can also be designed with different profiles to mimic wood, clay, and more. The main advantage of concrete compared to many other roofing materials here is not only its durability but its weight. Thanks to concrete’s higher weight, it gives any property it sits on the sturdiness and weight needed for incredibly windy environments.

8. Membrane Roofs

Homeowners that are looking for low-pitch or even flat roofs can consider membrane roofings. Several materials fall under the membrane category, including PVC, Neoprene, and EPDM. For the best membrane roofing material, we highly recommend going for EPDM roofing. 

EPDM is a synthetic material used in roofs to create what is commonly called “rubber roofs.” It is pretty similar to rolled asphalt because of how it is installed. To install an EPDM roof, it is rolled out and applied as large sheets, giving it the advantage of minimizing seams and making the house much more waterproof.

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With all of these materials available, you might find it quite a challenge to pick the right option for your needs. If this is the case, take the time to talk to a professional roofer and discuss your situation. Let them know of your budget and what your needs are, and they will come up with a solution that will tick as many of those boxes for you! 

With that in mind, just as important as it is to pick the right roof, it is also essential to choose the right contractors for the job. Only qualified and trustworthy contractors are worthy of your time, and you must spend the time to look for these professionals to ensure your home enjoys the best installation possible.

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