Roof Maintenance: What To Do To Last Longer?

Roof Maintenance: What To Do To Last Longer?

Roof is one of the most important parts of any building because it provides security and comfort to those living inside. Along with that, it also protects the building from bad weather and natural phenomena such as solar radiation, rain, and winds. If the roof has leaks, for example, the interior of the environment will suffer from humidity. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the maintenance of roofs.

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This way, you avoid problems such as breaking tiles, infiltrations, or, in an extreme case, partial or total falling of the tiles. After all, it is easier to maintain the roof periodically than to have to solve situations like these, performing roof repairs.

With basic care of your roof such as cleaning your roof on a regular basis, you can increase the life of roof tiles along with ensuring overall protection of the structure.

Want to know how to do this maintenance the right way? Check out the tips we have prepared to guide you!

Before You Start, It’s Important To Know How Long A Roof Lasts

The durability is linked to the maintenance of roofs. Hence, the importance of taking care of the building.

Ah, it is also worth remembering that having the help of a qualified professional makes all the difference. This is because the warranty does not extend to labor. Therefore, hire someone who understands the subject: this is a worthwhile investment.

In addition, it is worth following the tips that we will present below!

Do Periodic Roof Cleaning

When you clean the tiles periodically, you avoid the accumulation of dirt and, therefore, clogging, which prevents the water from flowing through the gutter.

While cleaning, keep in mind not to step directly on the tiles, regardless of the material they are made of. A safe practice is to use a wooden board as a support and avoid walking on them. In this way, the weight is distributed and the tiles are not damaged. Important: always call a professional to perform the task and demand the use of safety equipment.

Avoid Postponing Repairs: They Need To Be Done!

Do not think that by leaving repairs for later, problems will be resolved more easily. On the contrary, they tend to multiply as time progresses. Therefore, it is essential to make repairs immediately, avoiding further damage.

Check below as to which aspects deserve your attention:

Review the fixings

Fixings are essential because they prevent the tiles from moving or being pulled off by the action of the winds. Over time, however, they may become loose or lose some of the seals due to dry rubbers. Hence the importance of removing damaged fixings, changing the rubbers, and sealing the places very well, avoiding infiltrations.

The elastic sealant adhesive is perfect for making these seals. Waterproof and with excellent resistance to weather and sun rays (UVs), it adapts easily to various surfaces, being suitable for roof repairs.

Remember the gutters and flashings too

To do roof maintenance, you need to check the condition of the gutters and flashings as well. They have the important role of ensuring coverage of the property. Therefore, whenever cleaning the tiles, remember the gutters and flashings. If forgotten and clogged, they can cause infiltrations.

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