Roof Cleaning: Advice You Can Really Take Help From

Roof Cleaning: Advice You Can Really Take Help From

It is above our heads and protects us, the roof is an essential element in a house and yet we sometimes neglect its maintenance in favor of interior fittings and at the risk of letting moss and lichen proliferate but also of seeing the tiles deteriorate. Along with that, gutters will also be at the risk of water and humidity infiltration into your home.


Regular inspection and cleaning are important, so you must devote time and a budget to the maintenance of the roof of your house so that the insulation remains optimal.

To help you, some advice and good actions to adopt!

Over the seasons, the right things to do to limit heavy work

Clogged by dead leaves, moss, or any other waste, blocked gutters and gutters won’t be able to properly drain rainwater. A situation that can cause damage to your homes such as water and humidity infiltration.

In addition, stagnant water in a gutter will encourage the infestation of mosquitoes and pests.

How? ‘Or’ What?

This work is relatively easy to do yourself without being particularly handy, but these small maintenance actions require some safety rules:

  • Secure access to gutters by using a high ladder with a front spreader to remain stable during the cleaning process;
  • Start by cleaning the lower parts by opening the manholes and removing any plugs;
  • With a small shovel, remove anything that may clutter the profiles: leaves, mud, dead branches, moss… everything must disappear!
  • Use a water jet or a high-pressure cleaner to finalize the cleaning;
  • Inspect the gutters to ensure their good seal.


There is no specific period to carry out roof cleaning, as it must be done from time to time, especially when you have a garden with many trees. You will have to prune them in the fall to avoid falling dead branches.

Moss control and treatment, when the work takes on importance

Regular maintenance and good protection of your roof will ensure its longevity and you will avoid having to consider heavy repairs to the tiles, the framework, and the insulation.

It is therefore advisable to carry out or have the roof cleaned every 2/3 years without forgetting annual maintenance.

How? ‘Or’ What?

If you have a flat or shallow roof and a house with a single floor, you can consider doing the work yourself, but it is recommended that you call in a professional who, in addition to the appropriate techniques and treatment products, can easily install scaffolding that will allow working in complete safety.

However, if you decide to do the work:

  • Equip yourself with a ladder with a front spreader if there is no scaffolding;
  • Start with the defoamer using a stiff brush and water or a pressure washer;
  • Then spray an algaecide or anti-foam type treatment, taking care to schedule this step on a sunny day without wind to avoid projections. These additional treatments will eliminate all traces of plants such as moss and lichen.
  • Finish with a water-repellent treatment that you will let penetrate for 24 hours before rinsing it off.


Ideally, this work should be scheduled for the beginning of autumn when the weather is still good.

If you decide to do the work yourself, gear up accordingly – non-slip footwear, hardhat and goggles, work clothes – and make sure you’re never alone.

Climbing on a roof remains dangerous in all circumstances and it is important to have someone to ensure the good hold of the ladder and to intervene in case of difficulty.

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