Rockfish, North Carolina – Its Natural Beauty and Unique Fishing

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Rockfish, North Carolina is a Census-designated unit in Hoke County, NC, United States, bordering on North Carolina and Virginia. The population in this town is estimated to be about 20,000. The population was estimated to be around 3,000 at the last census, while the last count was believed to be about 3,250 at the last census of 2001. The population has been on the increase since then. Fayetteville, NC information can be seen at this link. 

Rockfish is not very far from Wilmington, NC. A lot of people love to vacation in Wilmington as they can enjoy great fishing in the beautiful waters and can eat their favorite foods like crab and shrimp. But, you cannot find the local population of Rockfish unless you go through North Carolina or another state. It is not easy to find Rockfish in Wilmington as it is considered as one of the “High Volume Lakes” by the United States Department of Interior. Discover facts about What’s in Pope Field, North Carolina.

Other places claim to have rockfish as their main source of income, but they do not exist in the state. If you want to go to Rockfish, North Carolina but you are still not sure where to stay, you should consider hiring the services of a vacation rental home. You can easily rent it for a few weeks or a couple of months when you plan on going to the area. Renting a vacation home will be a lot cheaper than hiring an expensive car to take you all over the place. The rental homes will provide you with the amenities that you will need for your stay in Rockfish, North Carolina. These will include electricity, internet access, refrigerator, television, microwave, refrigerator, bathtub, and others. Moreover, they offer the basic facilities that most people have.

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