Residential and Commercial Roofing in Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh Roofing Company provides roofing services on both residential and commercial roofs for various types and sizes of commercial and residential roofs that need maintenance, inspections, repairs, and even replacements. The company has many commercial office buildings and residential homes that use commercial roofing as part of their building structure. Most residential buildings are built with asphalt and the asphalt is poured down over a layer of shingles that then cover the top and bottom of the roof. There may be gaps where some of the shingles may not fit into the asphalt but these will typically be sealed up with shingle caps and roof caps. Residential roofs are made of wood, fiber cement, metal, and even plastic. More can be found here.

If your residential roof needs repair and replacement, you should call the Raleigh roofing company and tell them what type of roof you have. Some residential roofs have shingles and others have a plywood over the top of the asphalt. If your roof does not have a metal or wooden layer of asphalt, it will probably need to be replaced. When the damage is done to your asphalt roof the Raleigh roofing company will come and fix the problem before any roof replacement is needed. Learn more about Home Improvement – Roofing in Raleigh, NC.

Other types of roof repairs that a Raleigh roofing company can provide include: replacement of shingles that are falling off of your roof; replacement of shingles that are falling onto your roof, and the installation of a new asphalt roof over your existing roof. The Raleigh roofing company also has the ability to install a roofing system for you and the roof repair work is usually fast and easy. The Raleigh roofing company has many qualified roofers that are licensed and insured. You will not have to worry about any type of warranty and the entire roof is replaced or repaired. The Raleigh roofing company can also help you design a system that will provide ventilation for any attic problems and can make sure your attic is free from mold or mildew. All in all, if your roof is cracked or needs repair, call the Raleigh roofing company for their roofing experts and they will make sure that your roof is fixed up as quickly as possible.

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