What Homeowners Must Know About Roof Damage Caused by Pests

What Homeowners Must Know About Roof Damage Caused by Pests

House roof damage is often associated with dealing with issues concerning adverse weather conditions and its contribution to sagging, missing shingles, and roofing leaks. While these factors are difficult to handle, your household should also be wary of unwanted guests or pests, especially during the transition period between seasons and common migration patterns for animals. Whatever the case, you have to be prepared to address the problem the right way. 

Remember, even if you are in the midst of mitigating pests from reproducing, your household cannot simply call an exterminator and call it a day. Some animals may be protected by local wildlife laws and regulations. Also, killing them doesn’t guarantee that roof damage won’t happen again. Thus, use this article as your guide to assessing the pest issue in your roofing and finding the right solutions to solve them. 

Pests on the roof

What Are the Tell-Tale Signs of Pests in My Roofing? 

Your first order of business is to find out if pests are in your roofing, primarily either perched on top of it or under the coverings to build a nest. Whatever the case, look out for the following tell-tale signs: 

  • Animal fecal matter and urine (especially for rodents and insects) 
  • Destroyed roof insulation 
  • Nest-based materials, such as foliage, paper, and plastic
  • Biting, squeaking, and scampering sounds from the roof
  • Roofing ducts destroyed 
  • Musty smells (normally from dead animal corpses) 
  • Leftover animal fur, feathers, inspect parts, and other related remains

What Are the Common Kinds of Roof Damage Associated with House Pests? 

The extend of the roofing damage often depends if the pest is either airborne or a land dweller. Note that both are equally annoying to control, especially when the pests start to breed. 

For airborne pests, these are normally the birds and insects, which can get stuck or make homes in the roofing vents, affecting the internal airflow. In the case of land dwellers, beware of mammals as they tend to leave trails of animal droppings and garbage, causing rot, mold, and even structural damage. No matter if one or more pests are present on the roof, they must be kept away from your home. 

How Can I Prevent Pests from Ruining My House Roof? 

Animals are generally gentle creatures, but pests are more hostile and like to thrive in human-made environments because they often provide food, shelter, and nesting grounds. Finding ways to prevent critters from accessing these necessities is the best way to prevent them from ruining the roofing. 

Ideally, you should have your roof inspected for signs of pests, and then your contractors will recommend what to do. Normally, it would mean trimming back the trees to avoid overhanging branches from bringing in pests. Another solution is to patch up all the openings and reinforce them with pest-proof materials, such as steel. Whether it is repairs or prevention, it would be best to contact a professional roofing company after pest control service providers eradicated the vile creatures. 


Your roofing is a valuable asset to the home, so it can be quite a nuisance when unwanted critters show up to ruin everything. Fortunately, you now know what you have to do, allowing you to take control of the situation and protect your household. Just ensure you find premier roofing services near you, like from our company, to address the problems effectively. 

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