How To Choose Your Roofing Slate?

How To Choose Your Roofing Slate?

If you are considering having a slate roof, you are absolutely right! A slate roof indeed offers great qualities, starting with the aesthetics of this roof covering like no other. But beware, there are a large number of slate roof coverings. How to choose your roofing slate among the many different models? This is precisely the question that we are going to ask ourselves today!

Roofing Slate

The interest of a slate roof

The slate is a recommended roof covering because of its several advantages! To begin with, slate is a durable covering, which will be able to withstand more than a century if it is perfectly laid and maintained.

It is also very easy to maintain and very aesthetic. But you should read the following points on slate roof on the slate roof and its characteristics if you want to know more!

The criteria for choosing a roofing slate

You should know that many slate roof coverings are available on the market. They all offer quite different qualities and renderings, so much so that it is sometimes difficult for an individual to choose his slate.

So, what are the criteria for choosing a roofing slate? Let’s find it out:

The price of roofing slate

When choosing a roof, the price of a roof covering is often the issue that most concerns a homeowner, and that is only natural! This will be particularly the case for a slate roof because slate is a more expensive coating than the others.

Let us not forget that a good roofing slate has longevity, which can reach the century. It is therefore a long-term investment for your roof!

Natural or synthetic slate for roofing?

In direct relation to the cost of a slate roof, you will have to choose between natural and synthetic slate. These two types of slate share the entire roof slate market.

You will be able to choose between:

  1. Natural slate: This is a cut and polished stone, of excellent quality. It will offer a superior rendering (provided you opt for an NF slate), and long service life.
  2. Synthetic slate: is a slate designed from fibers, cement, and water, which will imitate natural slate. It is much less expensive, but also less durable than the slate it imitates.

When signing a quote for slate roofing, make sure it is a synthetic or natural slate. It will indeed be a shame to pay a synthetic slate at the price of natural because this coating will have a much more limited lifespan!

The aesthetics of slate

Another essential selection criterion will naturally be the aesthetics of the slate that interests you. We tend to forget this, but there is a great diversity among roofing slates.

This diversity is expressed above all by the choice of colors of roofing slate: which go from black to green, passing through grey for natural slate, and can go as far as red for synthetic slates.

We will also differentiate smooth roofing slates, which will offer a contemporary look, and natural slate, which will offer a more traditional look.

Planning rules

Finally, the last criterion of choice in a slate roof, and not the least, we can cite compliance with the rules of town planning. You should know that the construction of a roof is framed by strict town planning rules.

When declaring your roofing work, you will need to make sure that it perfectly respects the town planning rules of your town hall. Thus, you will not be able to install a roof of any color in any city.

Do not hesitate to check with your town hall first to be sure that the slate roof covering is accepted.

If the slate you are interested in can be installed in your city, all you have to do is find the roofer for the installation. 


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