Hip Roof 101: The Different Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages​

Hip Roof 101: The Different Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages​

Your home protects you from all external factors—from Mother Nature’s wrath, creepy crawlies to thieves—it only makes sense to find different ways to keep your family safe in your home. 

Although we can lock our doors at night and install CCTV cameras on your property, there’s an important element that is often overlooked—your roof. Your roof is your home’s biggest protector as it shields you from debris, wind, rain, fluctuating temperatures, and critters. With that being said, your home isn’t complete without a home. 

People tend to forget to have it inspected and maintained or don’t know what to do should anything go wrong. For this reason, many homeowners have roofing companies on speed dial to ensure that experts will quickly assess and remedy the issues. 

Hip roof

Seeing as roofs are an essential element in every home, you must know the different roofing styles to see what fits your home. Today, we’ll focus on one of the main categories of roofing styles—hip roofs. And what you learn from this article here: 

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What is a Hip Roof?

Hip roofs have unique characteristics that make them distinct from other roofs. First, this type of roof involves four slopes found on each side of a home. These slopes meet at the top, creating a lengthwise angle in the center of your roof, which is called the hip. 

The popular factor of this type of roof is their four slopes, but different variations have emerged, where others lack vertical slopes or gables at the end. Because of its shape, this type of roof is often found in rectangular homes or ranch-style homes. 

The Different Types of Hip Roofs

Dutch Gable Hip Roof

The Dutch Gable Hip is a style that has a main hip that contains several other small hips from windows or dormers installed on the roof. This style works well with homes with multiple windows, giving the house a unique and charming aesthetic. 

Pyramid Hip Roof

The Pyramid Hip Roof is the closest to the standard hip roof. But the biggest difference is that, unlike the standard hip roof with a rectangular shape, the Pyramid Hip Roof has sides that are equal in length, mimicking a pyramid shape. 

Jerkinhead or Half Hip Roof

The Jerkinhead is quite a unique style since it has two sides longer than the other two. The two longer sides may include additional slopes or gables at the end, while the shorter side will create home eaves, which works perfectly for windows or half levels in a home. 

Although these styles may sound pretty similar, their distinct elements make them unique and may or may not fit your desired aesthetics. For this reason, it’s best to work with a credible roofing company to see which type of roof works best for your home. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hip Roofs

Advantages of Hip Roofs

Like any home element or style, hip roofs also have some distinct advantages, making them a perfect choice for homes. Here are some of the advantages that could convince you to get a hip roof for your house:

  • Great Drainage System: A drainage system is an important part of every roof, and fortunately, hip roofs make it difficult for debris to get stuck in its crevices, allowing water to run freely in the gutters.
  • Can Withstand Extreme Weather: Hip roofs are designed to be stable, providing exceptional resistance from strong winds, rain, and snow.
  • Impressive Insulation: Roofs are designed to keep your space at a comfortable temperature, and hip roofs provide sufficient comfort from the heat and cold of the outdoors.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal and Property Value: Since hip roofs are easy to maintain, stable, and reliable, it is beneficial for homeowners looking to sell their homes since many buyers will be eyeing such home elements. 

Disadvantages of Hip Roofs

The advantages of having hip roofs outweigh the disadvantages, but it’s still a good idea to be aware of the possible problems of having hip roofs.

  • Prone to Leaking: Because of their seams, hip roofs provide several places for water to enter the attic that could cause damage to your home. To remedy this, it’s best to work with a reliable roofing company to inspect and provide effective solutions to mitigate this risk. Check out our other article where you will know 3 Ways to Block Roof Leaks While Waiting for Repairs.
  • Expensive Option: Compared to other roofs, hip roofs can be quite costly since they sit under the price of a mansard roof but over the price of a gable. The reason is you need expert installation, time, and special equipment to install this type of roof.

Common Questions About Hip Roofs

Can a Hip Roof Support Itself?

A hip roof has a self-bracing design, allowing them to support themselves, reducing the need to have diagonal bracing, unlike gable roofs. Additionally, the four sloping sides provide exceptional stability and sturdiness for your roof.

Does a Hip Roof Require Ceiling Joists?

Typically, hip roofs may need ceiling joists to support their structure, but there are cases when you can build one without them. To understand this further, it’s best to speak with roof experts to see if this is a possible option for your hip roof.

Can a Hip Roof Be Vaulted?

The great thing about hip roofs is that you get to create vaulted ceilings in your home. By doing this, you open up the space in your room, allowing it to look and feel much bigger.

Is a Hip Roof Strong?

If you’re looking for one of the strongest types of roofs you can go for, a hip roof is your best bet. This is because its sloping sides promise durability and stability, making them resistant to wind, rain, and other extreme weather and seasons. 

The Bottom Line: Should I Get a Hip Roof?

Depending on the structure of your home, your lifestyle, and the aesthetics you’re going for, a hip roof can be a great choice for your home. But of course, before having one installed in your home, it’s best to work with a roofing company to ensure you’re choosing the best roofing option for your property. 

Are You Looking for a Reliable Roofing Company?

There’s no doubt that your roof is one of the most important elements in your home. Because of this, you need to ensure that you’re choosing the right style and using the right techniques to install it safely onto your home. Fortunately, we’re here to help. 

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