Don’t neglect your roof’s all-important drainage system


Without gutters, water would accumulate and drip down the side of your exterior walls and foundation. Most of the gutters today are made of vinyl or metal materials. They play an essential role in protecting your property.

Wise property owners pay attention to the performance of their gutters. Those who neglect their gutter systems end up paying for it in the form of damage repair. Health-related problems can also be traced to the formation of mold in crawl spaces and basements due to underperforming gutters.

Southern Premier Roofing has specialists in gutter repair and new gutter installation. If you suspect problems with water run off from your roof, rotting of eaves, and dampness in your basements, contact us today. Let SPR fix your problems while protecting the value of your property.


Similar to roofing and siding, rain gutters are a structure’s first line of defense against the threats posed by rain and melting snow. Most roofs are gently sloped to shed rainwater efficiently into horizontal gutters and vertical downspouts which comprise a gutter “system.”

A building with no gutters permits water to freely flow off the roof, down the sides of the structure, and into landscaping. Trenches form through erosion of freely falling water from your roof, seeping into the ground around your property’s foundation. That’s not good!

Plus, while roofing material is designed to withstand significant amounts of water, siding can only take so much moisture before it starts to buckle or decay. Having gutters installed properly by Southern Premier Roofing alleviates this problem and saves property owners thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.


If branches, blockages, or other debris have caused damage to your rain gutters, don’t fear. All you need is a call to Southern Premier Roofing to repair your gutters at a reasonable price.

Either holes in the gutter need to be patched, leaky joints need to be mended, or sagging gutters need to be righted. If you believe your gutters are not operating efficiently, Southern Premier Roofing can repair those issues before they lead to costly structural damage. Repairs are usually simple and only need a few hours of work. Make the small investment now, rather than wait until a major restoration of your property becomes necessary.

Gutter Replacements

If you don’t feel your current gutter system is protecting your biggest investment – your property – consider a replacement. By installing a new stronger, sturdier, and better-looking gutter, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing your home or building is no longer vulnerable to moisture damage by an ill-performing drainage system. Gutter replacements do not usually take a long time when a contractor like Southern Premier Roofing is on the job.

After hanging and installing the new gutters, SPR makes sure that all the flashing and hangers are secure where your gutters meet the roof. That’s where most roof leaks are found, and we pay close attention to the quality of our installations!

Seamless Gutters

Have you ever noticed streams of water leaking down the side of your home or building? If so, it might mean that a joint in your gutter system is compromised. Modern, seamless gutters don’t have this problem. As their name implies, there are no joints in this gutter system. Instead, one seamless unit stretches the entire perimeter of the roof. Seamless gutters simply don’t leak, so they’re the ideal choice for anyone looking for low maintenance costs. Consider upgrading your current gutter system to seamless gutters installed flawlessly by Southern Premier Roofing!

Improved Gutter Technology

Today’s modern gutter systems outperform the gutters produced years ago. Gutters used to be installed with nails or spikes, which penetrated the back of the gutters and created square-shaped holes. Small amounts of water could infiltrate the surrounding wood or siding through those holes, leading to deterioration of the materials behind the gutters. Add to that snow or other debris putting weight onto the gutters. As a result, homeowners would end up with gutters that pulled away from their roof causing even more property damage.

Seamless Gutters. Quality Installation

SPR installs seamless gutters with hidden bracket hangers positioned approximately every three feet. The hangers clip into the front of the gutter and slide over the back via a screw that runs into the fascia board, giving you a much more secure drainage system with significantly less chance of leaking!

Get Gutter Guards to Prevent Obstructions

When water can not flow freely, it gives moisture an opportunity to get into the roof structure. This leads to the rotting of the wooden parts of your roof eaves. To protect your home, SPR residential & commercial roofing can install gutter guards that prevent leaf and other debris from clogging the all-important roof drainage system.

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