Concrete Tiles For Roof: How And When To Choose Them?

Concrete Tiles For Roof: How And When To Choose Them?

The choice of the type of tile to use in the construction of the roof is an important step in the work, and therefore it must be done carefully. Among the various options currently available, concrete tiles appear as a good alternative for different types of projects.

Basically composed of cement and sand, this cementitious artefact has increasingly conquered the market, replacing the traditional ceramic tiles, bringing a series of advantages and benefits.

Available in different shapes and sizes, the cement tile further enhances the property’s facade, due to its versatility and ease of combining with the most varied styles and designs.

Tiled roof

Advantages of concrete tile

One of the differences between concrete tiles and traditional clay tiles is in the wide color chart that the most modern version offers. It is possible to find everything from the classic shades of grey to the most colorful, such as yellow, green, orange, ivory, white, and red, expanding the possibilities of use.

In addition to the architectural beauty, the material is stronger and more resistant than ceramic tiles (it has a minimum resistance of 240 kgf, against 130 kgf of conventional tiles), reducing the occurrences of breakage during transport and installation.

And the advantages of concrete tiles don’t stop there:

  1. They have greater impermeability, reducing the possibility of infiltrations;
  2. They present an excellent thermal performance;
  3. In hot climates, the use of light-colored tiles keeps the temperature of the house more pleasant, due to less heat absorption;
  4. In the colder regions, the choice of tiles with dark colors helps to raise the temperature of the property, because of the greater absorption of sunlight;
  5. They guarantee a perfect fit and better alignment;
  6. They can cover a roof using fewer units than ceramic ones, saving money;
  7. They have cheap maintenance.

How and when to choose?

Are you thinking of investing in a more modern facade for your property? So, the concrete tile is the best option, allowing people to use different colors on the roof, which match the painting of the outside of the house.

In addition, this type of tile allows for a much more pleasant temperature inside the property, as we mentioned above, simply choosing the shades of the material according to the climate of your region.

It is important to note that the concrete version usually has a higher price than the ceramic version, but in the end, the investment can be worth it, bringing good savings in the medium and long term, due to reduced maintenance costs.

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The slope of concrete tiles

For the installation to be perfect, it is necessary to follow some technical standards, paying attention mainly to the slope of the concrete tiles. The slope of the roof that has this material must be at least 30%.

Following this recommendation, it is possible to avoid problems such as the entry of rainwater into the building and tiles pulled by the wind, among others.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations and hire a specialist to build the roof.

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