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Specializing in the construction, installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance of all types of roofs, Southern Premier Roofing carries out the most efficient roofing services throughout the Chapel Hill region in North Carolina. Whether you are an owner of a residential property or a commercial one, you can contact our company for all your roofing work, whether new, renovated, or extended.


  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings

From construction of roofs to maintaining them, our master roofers can take care of the entire process and guarantee you high-quality work that meets all safety standards.

The great professionalism of our specialized workers is based on various rules that we strive to respect on all our sites:

  • Listen to the customer to adequately respond to his request
  • Respect the places in which we operate
  • Be inventive in adapting materials and installation techniques to the specific constraints of each site
  • Comply with all safety rules in force
  • On-time delivery of projects with dependable after-sales service


Southern Premier Roofing carries out all types of new and renovation roofing work for residential roofs. Whether it is to install the roof of your future home, to carry out a roof extension for your current residence, or to carry out an emergency repair, we put all our skills at your service to guarantee you a job of high quality. In the event of a leak, we intervene quickly to carry out the necessary repairs and ensure the lasting waterproofing of your roof.

With many years of experience, our master roofers proceed systematically during the repair of a roof:

  • Removal of the existing roof
  • Checking the condition of the structure (rotten wood, defective elements)
  • Installation of 6 feet of the self-adhesive membrane at the bottom of the roof and of sufficient length, under the valleys
  • Installation of synthetic paper over the rest of the roof surface
  • Installation of new valleys and metal flashings
  • Installation of new roof shingles and ventilator

Our company also creates roofs on new construction sites, from the choice of materials to design plans, manufacturing in the workshop, installation, and after-sales follow-up.


Southern Premier Roofing specializes in the repair of commercial and industrial roofs. Thanks to their great expertise, our master roofers are able to respond to all requests for complete or partial renovation of commercial and industrial roofs in Chapel Hill, NC.

Depending on your needs and budget, a team of experts is at your disposal to advise you in choosing the most suitable roof for your commercial or industrial activity. Before installing a new roof, we remove the old shingles and various damaged roofing elements.

We offer different types of commercial roofs:

  • Asphalt
  • Fiberglass
  • Architectural
  • Metal

We replace all or part of your commercial roof and carry out all the stages of roof renovation:

  • Frame
  • Cladding
  • Zinc
  • Blanket
  • Insulation

Our company guarantees high-quality roofing service, abiding by all the safety rules to deliver a great job at the end.


For new roofing construction of residential and commercial buildings in Chapel Hill North Carolina, call on a specialist such as Southern Premier Roofing, you will have the guarantee of lasting work at the best price.

A roof is more than just a building element, it’s like the fifth face of your house; it protects of course, but it is also an aesthetic component in its own right to highlight the architecture of your home or to give it character.

To be sure that you find the roof of your dreams, we provide you with a whole range of products:

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs
  • Fiberglass Shingle Roofs
  • Architectural Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs


Like any other element in your home, your roof will deteriorate over time, especially in extreme weather conditions. Snow, sun, rain, storm, and other climatic events damage roofs from season to season: do not wait for the problems to get worse, and for major work to be undertaken, immediately ask for a renovation estimate for your roof by our Chapel Hill roofing company.

With proper maintenance and repair on time, you can double the life of your roof. Imagine the savings in money that this represents! Our roof repairing service is very affordable, thus allowing you to choose us even when your insurance company has denied your insurance claims.

No matter, if it is a minor problem or serious damage to the roof, our roofing contractor will provide an excellent job. So, don’t wait for anyone and give us a call today!

After analyzing the condition of your roof, we will provide you with appropriate solutions concerning:

  • Structural problems
  • Ice accumulation
  • Humidity problems
  • Damaged flashings
  • Water infiltration
  • Defective roofing materials

For all your roof installation or repairs, call on us to ensure perfect waterproofing of your roof and better thermal insulation. Our roofers will guide you regarding all the rules and regulations about roofing in Chapel Hill to avoid any legal issues later on. We will also advise you regarding the choice of materials you should opt for your roof from a wide range of options that include, sloping, flat, rounded, roof terrace, or other popular types in your location. For a roof that meets the standards imposed but is also aesthetically appealing, call us. You will have a great experience working with us.

Our roofing experts deal with all types of roof repairs

From broken tiles to damaged metal sheets and broken shingles, our roofers will carry out fast and reliable roof repairs. The sooner you identify the damage, the easier it will be for our roofing contractors to repair it and restore the sanctity of the roof.

A broken tile or cracked slate sheet can lead to leaks or water infiltration, hence the importance of a quick roof repair. Our roofing company intervenes quickly for any roof repair in order to avoid any damage caused by rainwater.

Besides repairing the roof, our professional roofers carry out complete maintenance of your roof. Our services aren’t just confined to the roof, but we also repair gutters to avoid water and/or snow from accumulating on the roof and damage the structure. Once we complete the project, we ask you to review each and every aspect before making the final payment.

Installation, creation, and repair of ridge caps by our professionals

For a well-protected roof, we install a ridge suitable for the home

Our crew of roofing experts also installs the ridge during roof renovation or construction work. We install all types of the ridge: traditional tiles, industrial tiles, and zinc, etc.

The ridge has many advantages because it allows the waterproofing of the roof covering, which allows a better solidity of the frame. We listen to you and give you advice for the type of ridge to apply for your roof as well as for any roof repair.


Even though most roofs are designed to withstand weight, snow accumulation on a roof is a hazard to people passing nearby, but it can also cause a roof to sag or collapse.

Have you thought about all the risks involved in removing snow from your roof on your own: risk of falling, the danger for people in the vicinity, presence of electrical installations, etc.? Do not try to clear snow from your roof on your own, because in addition to the risk of falling to which you expose yourself, be aware that a bad snow removal technique can damage the waterproofing membrane of your roof and end up costing you much more. This is why Southern Premier Roofing highly recommends calling a specialist with in-depth knowledge on how to use the appropriate techniques to prevent any damage to your roof.

Thanks to their experience and their appropriate equipment, our roofing contractors will provide you with complete satisfaction for snow and ice removal from your home or commercial building. Our roofers incorporate the right techniques for snow removal to prevent the risk of water infiltration during melting.

Why Call On Southern Premier Roofing Experts?

  • Our roofing contractors are well aware of the techniques, which can avoid damage to the waterproofing membrane of the roof.
  • They have the necessary equipment (lifting instruments, excavator, etc.)
  • They establish a safety perimeter around the building to prevent accidents with third parties or damage to nearby electrical installations


For a roof in good condition, remember to maintain it regularly by your roofer

Roof maintenance: roof defoaming by our professionals
For impeccable defoaming in Chapel Hill, call on Southern Premier Roofing

It is important to maintain your roof regularly so that the roof retains all of its properties. It is therefore necessary to carry out a defoaming done by a professional roofer. Moss, algae, and lichens can cause damage to your roof covering, especially tiles because mosses retain water, making tiles porous. In winter, the tiles may crack under the effect of frost. In addition, the foam gives an unkempt and dirty look.

This is why we recommend that you maintain your roof and remove moss from your roof regularly. We apply a preventative and curative anti-moss product to help you find a nearly new roof. This product can be applied to tile, slate, and cement, etc.


A roof cleaning and treatment to have one like new

The maintenance of your roof involves cleaning and treating your old roof, but also cleaning your gutters. Cleaning your roof allows the maintenance of the roof so that it retains its ability to insulate your home, in addition to giving a cleaner aesthetic rendering of your property. Roof cleaning removes the coating and removes visible stains to restore all the color of your original roof. The cleaning is done by a high-pressure cleaner.

Your roofer can also treat your roof to protect the cover from possible weather-related damage such as rain, frost, or pollution. To do this, we apply a water-repellent treatment, which reduces the porosity of the tiles. For better roof maintenance. For better roof maintenance, it is advisable to regularly clean its gutters so that the water from the roof drains properly and to avoid any water damage.


Insulation of your house by the attic

A healthy home without drafts: remember to insulate it well

Insulation with exterior walls has many advantages, such as protecting the walls well against temperature changes, which prevents the walls from accumulating heat. It is not just exterior insulation for your home. House but also insulation by the attic. Insulation on lost roof spaces or insulation on habitable roof spaces. As with exterior insulation, there are several kinds of materials. Mineral wool, polystyrene panels, polyurethane. The insulation can be placed under the floor or on the floor. For better insulation.

Exterior insulation has the advantage of not taking up space in a home. However, it is possible to insulate the attic and make them habitable with different types of materials, information of which our roofers will share with you.

To maintain good insulation, we highly recommend that you should regularly maintain your roof.

Insulation of your home by the roof to prevent heat loss

To save space or be able to fit out your attic, have your roof insulated

For a more economical and ecological house, it is important to insulate the roof covering properly.

Insulation from the outside can also be done through the roof. It can be carried out during construction or a renovation. It also has the advantage of not taking up space inside: this, therefore, leaves space in the attic.

The materials used for exterior roof insulation are extruded polystyrene, glass or rock wool panels, wood fiber, and/or cellulose panels. Every roof is different and so is its insulation, so make sure you get in touch with our experienced roofer before carrying out roof replacement, renovation, repair, and reconstruction.


Southern Premier Roofing is a family-owned and operated company that offers complete roofing services to its customers based in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. From roof construction to repair and maintenance, you can rely on our experienced roofers. Besides Chapel Hill, we deliver services in Wake Forest, Durham NC, and Raleigh NC. Pick up your phone and call us at our number to get a free estimate of the roofing job you want us to do at your home or commercial building.


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