What You Need to Know About Your Gable Roof

Roof Shingle

Many homeowners don’t think too hard about the style of roof they want for their property; as long as it looks good and protects them from the elements, then it does the job. Typically, aesthetics are the main driving factor in deciding whether to purchase a home. Still, it’s just as important to understand the […]

10 Popular Types of Exhaust Roof Vents For Your Home

Roof Vent types

Proper ventilation is a necessity in every property as it expels stale and humid air out and lets the fresh, outdoor breeze circulate in your indoor space. But most homeowners overlook the role of roof vents, which is just as crucial as any other components in the rest of your humble abode.  Ventilation plays a […]

8 Roofing Material Types to Consider For Your New Roof

Orange clay roof

Not many people enjoy roofing their homes. Sure, it is a must-do activity to complete a house, but the thought of roofing the home isn’t as fun as other renovations like a kitchen remodel, a bathroom upgrade, and other projects. However, once a homeowner spots leaks, the idea of getting a roof may become a […]

3 Signs Your Building Needs a Roof Repair or Replacement

Having a sturdy, reliable roof over your head is a must for any residential or commercial property. However, you may be clueless on determining if you need a full replacement or major repairs. You also need to do this as soon as possible to prevent accidents, health concerns, and inefficient electricity use. But what exactly […]

5 Key Factors That Will Impact Your Roof’s Longevity

A roofing system plays a vital role in the protection of a property and its occupants. While it is usually made of durable materials that are meant to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, it isn’t designed to last forever. In fact, the average life expectancy of a roof is typically between 15 and 50 years, […]

Concrete Tiles For Roof: How And When To Choose Them?


The choice of the type of tile to use in the construction of the roof is an important step in the work, and therefore it must be done carefully. Among the various options currently available, concrete tiles appear as a good alternative for different types of projects. Basically composed of cement and sand, this cementitious […]