Gambrel Roof: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It


The type of roof you choose for your home can have a huge impact on its value, which is why it’s something worth thinking about. There are many roof types out there, but how do you know which one to choose?  Don’t worry; we’ll make it easier for you. Have you heard about a gambrel […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mansard Roof


When it comes to the architectural design of any home, there isn’t a single design or configuration that is considered the best. They all depend on the preferences and the needs of the homeowner. For this reason, buildings and houses do not look similar at all, but they all serve the same purpose—to create a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Roofing: Pros, Cons, and More!

metal roof

Are you thinking about putting a new roof on your house or commercial building? You may want to avoid traditional slating alternatives in favor of a metal roof. Metal roofing offers a plethora of advantages and usage, making it a popular roofing option for roofs of all sizes and forms. Metal roofing systems can be […]

Find the Right Type and Style of Metal and Steel Roof Panels

metal roofing

When it comes to building your home, the most important thing you have to consider is your roof. After all, that’s why the phrase, “a roof over your head” literally means shelter. A home should have a good quality roof.  Depending on where you live, you’ll be contending with a lot of outside factors—snow, rain, […]

Hip Roofs vs Gable Roofs: Everything You Need to Know

Gable Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s vital to keeping you protected from the elements and keeps all external forces out of your space. Considering how vital your choice of roofs is, you’ll want to make sure that you make use of the best one for your home. When […]

Metal Roofing and Asphalt Shingles: Which Is the Better One?

metal roof

Your home’s roof plays a crucial role in the overall structure of your property. Therefore, it’s something you need to think about carefully. Likely, you will be presented with many choices, but it usually comes down to these two—metal roofing and asphalt shingles. Are you torn between the two? You’ve come to the right page.  […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Rubber Underlayment

Underlayment roof

A lot of homeowners think rubber roof underlayment is just a modified type of rubber roof. The truth, though, is that EPDM roofs are actually a single-ply membrane that works as an external roof and an underlayment in one.  Most roofing companies in Charlotte, NC, will tell you that if you want your roofing’s lifespan […]

Reviewing the Top 10 Roofers in Raleigh, North Carolina


Everyone needs a roofing service at least once in their life. Some may need it for their residence or their commercial space, using it for either home improvement or emergency repairs. And it’s important to get in contact with a company that actually knows what they’re doing so that you get your money’s worth.  If […]

Pros and Cons of the Best Materials for Your Flat Roof


Commercial buildings, offices, and other industrial properties often have a modern look with their flat roofing, but residential spaces can also embrace this contemporary design and stray away from the typical, pitched roof that has been the image of American homes for so long.  A residential flat roof looks visually appealing, making it the kind […]

Asphalt-Saturated Felt Underlayment: A Complete Guide

Asphalt-Saturated roof Underlayment

The roof is an integral part of every home as it protects you from elements like sunlight, rain, and potential hazards during storms. If you once hired a roofing company for a roof replacement or maintenance, you have likely heard about and discussed roofing underlayment. If you haven’t, take time to know what it is […]