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5 Important Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Roof

You know how important your roof is. In fact, any issues with it can cost you a lot of money and time. Your roof is meant to last for a long time, which is why it’s one of the most significant investments you can make today. Although it’s not meant to last forever, it can still provide you superior protection for many years to come, but only if you take good care of it and it’s made of high-quality materials. 


Here are some factors that affect your roof’s lifespan you need to know about: 


The most common roof materials used are: 

  • Wood: Can last up to 30 years
  • Steel and copper: Can last up to 50 to 100 years
  • Clay tiles: Can last up to 40 to 60 years 
  • Stone tiles: Can last up to 50 to 100 years
  • Rubber for flat roof: Can last up to 40 to 50 years

Indeed, when it comes to roof material, some can last longer than others. Asphalt is the most popular roofing material in the US because it’s affordable and low maintenance. Even though it can only last up to 40 years compared to other materials, many homeowners still prefer this. Moreover, there are times when it can last longer. 


Roof requires maintenance, which you must adhere to; otherwise, your roof will weaken and this is when most problems start. Although you don’t need to clean your roof a lot of times, what’s important is to inspect it every few months. Regular roof inspections will help you identify any weak parts and catch them early before they turn into a huge problem. 

It’s best to hire a roofing expert who can inspect your roof regularly. The recommended roofing inspection is every six months. However, there will be times when you need to do it more often, especially if you live in an area that experiences harsher weather conditions. 

Weather Conditions

Speaking of weather conditions, this will affect your roof’s lifespan as well. For example, lightning can hit nearby trees, which could cause them to fall on the room. Another thing is that when you experience too much rainfall in your area, it can loosen the gutters. Harsh weather conditions can make your roof weaker and shorten its lifespan. 

You can consider the climate in your area, and if the area is prone to heavy rains, consider a flat roof or stone tiles. 


How your roof is installed will also greatly impact its lifespan. Poor installation can lead to long-term defects that will reduce the roof’s lifespan. This is because each roofing material needs a unique installation; hence, the need for a specialized contractor. 

Insulation and Ventilation

Good ventilation will regulate the flow of air in the attic. On the other hand, restricted airflow will cause the roof shingles to become weak because of the humidity. Eventually, the roof can collapse, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. 

Also, good insulation will help regulate temperatures in the attic and your house. It will extend the life of your roof and reduce your energy bills as well. 


When it comes to the lifespan of your roof, these are the factors that may affect it. The key to make it last longer is to ensure regular inspection and maintenance are followed. As they say, take care of your roof, and it will take care of you for many years. 

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Roof Renovation: When And How To Do It?

The roof plays a major role in the residence: protecting the house, especially in periods of rain. It is for these and other reasons that the roof needs constant maintenance because the house is not in good internal condition if the roof is vulnerable. Likewise, there is no point in changing the tiles without first establishing criteria.

red roof

With that in mind, we have listed some tips to find out how and when to renovate this very important component of the house. Check out:

When to change the roof?

Have you noticed leaks at home? Has your house suffered from winds at night? Are leaves and other solid waste falling in your home? It may be that some tile is broken or out of place. If that is the case, it is high time to repair it!
Not sure if you need to replace or repair your roof? See: How to detect damage on your roof

What to observe before the renovation?

Before renovating the roof, it is necessary to check if the slopes, the woodwork, spacing, and other specifications of the roof are in perfect condition and support the material change. If they are not, it is recommended to change this structural part. In addition, if possible, gutters and flashings (sheets that prevent rainwater from entering buildings) should be redone.

Pay attention to the choice of material

It is important to select the best quality tiles, as this directly interferes with the durability and sealing of the roof. Remember that the better the tile, the less the need for renovation. Another important point is to use tiles from a single manufacturer. It is not good to use different ceramic products, let alone different sizes. This compromises the fit!

Be careful when walking on the roof

You can walk on the roof, as long as you put a rough board on the tiles and be very careful not to fall or break any pieces. Never step directly on the tile or walk on the roof when it is wet.

Waterproof tiles

There are special waterproofing products for ceramic tiles on the market. These products are silicone or acrylic resins, developed to be applied on ceramic bases. Waterproofing products adhere to porous surfaces, forming a thin waterproof and resistant protective film.

It is essential to use these products in the renovation of the roof, as they prevent the accumulation of dust, the penetration of moisture, and the formation of slime and soot. The result is the most beautiful look, with a clean and dry appearance for longer. The product must be applied every 5 years or every roof renovation.

Extra Tips

  • To change a broken tile, you may not need to hire a professional. But for complete roof renovations, it is essential to have specialized labor;
  • If you want to save on the renovation, opt for light and flexible tiles, made of alternative materials. They are cheaper and installation is faster and more practical;
  • Use metal blankets under the roof to prevent leaks and seepage;
  • Perform constant maintenance by cleaning the tiles and gutters every six months. This makes all the difference in roof maintenance!

And did you already know about the importance of renovating and maintaining the roof in good condition? Have you done this type of work at home? Leave your comment and tell us your experience!

Roof Maintenance: What To Do To Last Longer?

Roof is one of the most important parts of any building because it provides security and comfort to those living inside. Along with that, it also protects the building from bad weather and natural phenomena such as solar radiation, rain, and winds. If the roof has leaks, for example, the interior of the environment will suffer from humidity. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the maintenance of roofs.

roof shingles

This way, you avoid problems such as breaking tiles, infiltrations, or, in an extreme case, partial or total falling of the tiles. After all, it is easier to maintain the roof periodically than to have to solve situations like these, performing roof repairs.

With basic care of your roof such as cleaning your roof on a regular basis, you can increase the life of roof tiles along with ensuring overall protection of the structure.

Want to know how to do this maintenance the right way? Check out the tips we have prepared to guide you!

Before You Start, It’s Important To Know How Long A Roof Lasts

The durability is linked to the maintenance of roofs. Hence, the importance of taking care of the building.

Ah, it is also worth remembering that having the help of a qualified professional makes all the difference. This is because the warranty does not extend to labor. Therefore, hire someone who understands the subject: this is a worthwhile investment.

In addition, it is worth following the tips that we will present below!

Do Periodic Roof Cleaning

When you clean the tiles periodically, you avoid the accumulation of dirt and, therefore, clogging, which prevents the water from flowing through the gutter.

While cleaning, keep in mind not to step directly on the tiles, regardless of the material they are made of. A safe practice is to use a wooden board as a support and avoid walking on them. In this way, the weight is distributed and the tiles are not damaged. Important: always call a professional to perform the task and demand the use of safety equipment.

Avoid Postponing Repairs: They Need To Be Done!

Do not think that by leaving repairs for later, problems will be resolved more easily. On the contrary, they tend to multiply as time progresses. Therefore, it is essential to make repairs immediately, avoiding further damage.

Check below as to which aspects deserve your attention:

Review the fixings

Fixings are essential because they prevent the tiles from moving or being pulled off by the action of the winds. Over time, however, they may become loose or lose some of the seals due to dry rubbers. Hence the importance of removing damaged fixings, changing the rubbers, and sealing the places very well, avoiding infiltrations.

The elastic sealant adhesive is perfect for making these seals. Waterproof and with excellent resistance to weather and sun rays (UVs), it adapts easily to various surfaces, being suitable for roof repairs.

Remember the gutters and flashings too

To do roof maintenance, you need to check the condition of the gutters and flashings as well. They have the important role of ensuring coverage of the property. Therefore, whenever cleaning the tiles, remember the gutters and flashings. If forgotten and clogged, they can cause infiltrations.

How To Detect Damage On Your Roof?

After the passage of climatic aggressions such as hailstorms, heavy rain, or snow, the roof can suffer damage. It is always advisable to make a diagnosis to check the condition of your roof and to ensure its functionality. Of course, this can already be seen by the debris left on the ground. In case the tree branches are cut, the surface is surrounded by leaves, the roof edges move, then climb up to the roof to check. But be careful not to cause further damage to the roof by your weight.

Here is a guide that you can follow to detect damage to your roof:


Locate signs of damage

The use of a professional roofer is always desirable. Only, before finding the one that suits your expectations, it is better to make a small observation. Misplaced tiles, a distorted gutter, or other signs of damage surrounding your roof? Logically, its signs show that the roof has also suffered damage. Perhaps you have noticed the clicking noises of sheet metal. In this case, there was a take-off or displacement of the sheet caused by the aggression of the wind or others. And if the damage is not yet detected, then you should try spraying the roof with water through a pressure pipe, as doing this will let you know of any leaks and deviations in the roof. Other manifestations arise in case of damage, which you may or may not be able to identify, but a professional roofer will.
Learn how to block roof leaks ASAP

The type of roofer with this specialty

In the roof repair sector, there are several types of specialties even being roofers. But, normally, detecting a leak, faults or other anomalies in your roof or gutters is everyone’s job. Only, in the event of an emergency, some of them offer intervention at any time, such as the roofers of Southern Premier Roofing. In the event of a water leak, for example, if you want an intervention even during the fall of the rain, these experts will be there. And, it will always be a very active full service: diagnosis, repair, and prevention

The cost of diagnosis

To find the fault in the roof, or its accessories, the roofer performs diagnosis on request. The roofer will diligently check the functioning, capacity, and performance of the roof. Is it still resistant and waterproof? Are all of its elements still in a good place? The price actually depends on the age of your roof, the professional’s pricing policy, the difficulty that presents, etc. So, there are several influencing factors, the price, even the travel of the experts.

Reasons to contact a roofer for this operation

You may think that making the diagnosis is easier, as you only have to climb on the roof to see the hole and spot the displaced parts. Indeed, the situation can overtake you if ever you have a lack of know-how on the structuring of your roof. Often the source of a leak is not parallel to the place where the water flows. There may be a deviation on the water drainage. It is better to leave a damaged roof to a professional roofer because he with all his experience and skills will be able to locate the damage and fix it using specialized equipment. Always remember, if your roof is damaged, call a roofer for a long-lasting solution. 

How to Prepare Your Roof for Hurricanes Or Tornadoes?

Seasons come and go, but what bothers homeowners is the weather because weather causes wear and tear on the homes, no matter what the sky is doing. It is impossible to protect your home from getting deteriorated as a result of weather changes. If you live in an area where it remains sunny for most of the year, even then, the exterior of your house will fade, especially the roof, whose quality will be deteriorated with continuous exposure to the sunlight. 

But, things don’t get better when the sun is replaced with clouds and it begins to rain because the rain leads to leaks and floods. You will be surprised to know that even winds can rip the shingles off the roof with impunity. If you are battening down the hatches for a hurricane or tornado, then you must pay special attention to the roof of your house, as it will take the maximum onslaught that Mother Nature will bring down.

Roof servicing

Batten Down Your Hatches

This is an old term used by sailors to alarm their fleet about an impending storm. The term used to give an idea to others that it’s time to close all the doors, trapdoors, and portholes to prevent water from hitting the sides, sloshing up over the deck or rain that pours from the sky to enter inside the ship. For homes, the phrase means that you need to secure every door and window tightly. You need to double-check the weather stripping and if it is not in the right condition, then you must replace it.

What makes doors and windows important for the protection of your roof?

There is a thing called ‘Air Pressure’, so when you have a door or window opened at the time of a hurricane or tornado, then it can increase the air pressure in your home, causing an upward push to the roof. As a result, the stability of the roof is reduced significantly. To avoid this, you need to keep the doors and windows closed during hurricanes and tornadoes.

Clean your gutters and downspouts

Hurricanes and tornadoes bring a huge amount of dirt and debris, which fill and clog the gutters. This leads to overflowing of the precipitation management system, hence resulting in dangerous puddles sitting on the edge of the roof of your house with water spilling out over the sides of gutters. The reason why you have gutters and downspouts is to channel the water away from the home to minimize the wear and tear on the roof along with pervasive water damage. Not just water, but the gutters deal with another problem, which is the leaves and sticks getting stuck inside them, causing their weight to rise, thus increasing the chances of breaking away from the roof and falling.

If you really want to protect your roof, gutters, and siding from the strong impacts of hurricanes or tornadoes, then you need to ensure that the gutters are clear and the downspouts are unclogged as soon as you hear the first news breaking about the arrival of a hurricane or tornado.

Trim Back Branches

Hurricanes and tornadoes accompany sharp winds and large hailstones, which can inflict great damage to your roof, but one thing that is even more damaging is the dropping of tree branches on the roof, which can crack your roof supports, shatter tiles and cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs. To prevent that from happening, you need to carefully trim the trees in your surroundings, the ones whose branches you think can reach your roof. Of course, that doesn’t fully eliminate the possibility of having large and heavy tree branches because winds blow at great speeds during hurricanes and tornadoes, so branches can be blown away from trees across your neighborhood, but that is not in your hands to avoid. The least you can do is trim the branches of trees that are planted in your property.

Get a professional consultation

If you have just constructed a new house or revamped your house, especially the roof, then you must get in touch with a professional to seek guidance as to how you can prepare your roof for hurricanes or tornadoes. A professional and experienced roofing expert like Southern Premier Roofing will definitely have some useful advice that can help you protect the roof of your house. You can easily find an expert on the internet, so don’t worry about it and focus on preparing your roof against any upcoming natural disaster. 

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