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We are a family-owned business that has a team of professionals to deliver the best residential and commercial roofing services in Cary.

Most Economical Residential Roofing Services In Cary NC

For the construction or renovation of your residential roof, our roofing contractors make every effort to offer you outstanding and impeccable quality service.

Your roof can be built from various materials such as shingles, elastomeric membrane, or TPO depending on the type of roof. Because each project is different, we make sure that your roofing work adequately meets your needs and your budget.

Fastest Residential Roof repair In Cary, North Carolina

We are aware of the significant costs that the complete repair of your roof can generate. A simple repair can sometimes allow you to extend the life of your roof by several years and thus avoid you having to scare the exorbitant costs for the complete roof replacement. If your roof has been damaged after a storm, fret not, call our roofing contractors to have it repaired in no time. Boasting years of experience, they will carry out roof repairs at the most affordable rates, so whether you have insurance for your roof or not, you can opt for your services. From roof leak to damage, our experts can provide the highest quality repairs.

Pick up your phone and contact us to get the correct information on the condition of your roof and the appropriate solution.

For Most Affordable Roof Maintenance Call SPR!

Proper maintenance of your roof can allow you to extend its lifespan by several years. All the more so, with our harsh winters, intense heat in summer as well as heavy rains, it is important to do preventive and adequate maintenance of your roof. From detecting damaged tiles, shingles, and other parts on the roof to cleaning gutters, our roofing contractors will take care of everything.

Most Reliable Commercial/Industrial Roofing In Cary, NC

Do you own a commercial or industrial building? Then, you should make a priority to maintain it, to minimize expenses over the long term to preserve your investment as much as possible.

The quality of the roof of your commercial outlet determines the durability of the building. Thus, you must pay attention to the quality of its coating and its maintenance to protect your workspace in the long term. Having a roof in good condition is therefore very important to ensure your business, your investment, and the health of your employees.

Unparalleled service

Whether it is the installation of a new roof, the repair, or even the roof maintenance of a commercial or industrial building, call our roofing company as we offer you a complete, honest service of exemplary quality.

Our team besides serving the customers in Cary also delivers roofing services in Morrisville and Raleigh NC. We approach each project with the same willingness and determination, that of going beyond the expectations and requirements of the client to give them the best possible service.

A quality roof

The composition of your commercial and industrial roof can be built from various materials, which include TPO or elastomeric membrane, insulation, or others.

We will assist you in carrying out your commercial roofing project to guide you and help you make the best choice according to your needs and utility.

Preventive Maintenance Of Commercial Roofing

Having your roof inspected by our roofing team regularly will allow them to detect the slightest water infiltration and breakage in the roof that could potentially damage your entire building. Our team of roofers can repair your roof in the quickest of times and in the most efficient way possible.

The maintenance of your commercial and industrial roof, an investment

To preserve your real estate investment, it is important to carry out regular and preventive maintenance of your commercial and industrial roofing to extend the life of the roofing and to preserve the structure of your building.

Our professional team at Southern Premier Roofing has the experience and the equipment to work in the rules of the art. Our roofers perform top-quality and top-quality maintenance of your commercial roofing as well as efficient, durable, and professional work.


A roof is capable of withstanding heavy snow, but in case of heavy snow build-up, prompt intervention is required, or else, the roof can suffer from severe damages.

At times, roof removal is required when there is no accumulation of snow on the roof. Rapid changes in the temperature in a single day can interfere with the water drainage process because of the ice blocking the pipe.

Roof Snow Removal Experts At Your Disposal!

In winter, the snow that accumulates on your roof poses a danger to the structure of your building, which can weaken and collapse the roof and thus injure people walking around.

Call on our team of professional snow removal experts to remove snow and de-icing your roof!

At Southern Premier Roofing, our experienced team of snow removal experts will safely get rid of the snow accumulated on the roof. In addition, our roof snow removal experts use cutting-edge techniques and the best quality roofing products to remove snow or ice without damaging your roof.

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