All About The Short History of Eastover, North Carolina

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Eastover, North Carolina is a small community just outside of Raleigh, on the eastern edge of Wilson County. It is one of the oldest towns in the area. It is home to a large population of African Americans, who were brought there during Reconstruction. Today, it is the largest urban area in the surrounding area and is considered a center for arts and culture. With a variety of theaters and museums, the town of Eastover has a diverse population of people from all walks of life. Information can be found here.

The town of Eastover has been designated by the United States Department of Commerce as an important part of the cultural diversity and economic vitality of Wilson County. The population of Eastover was approximately 3,648 at the 2010 census. It was incorporated in July 2007. Eastover has a downtown business district with restaurants, hotels, and shops on both the main street and adjacent streets. In addition to the downtown district, several parks include a zoo, art museum, and botanical garden. There are many historic buildings in the area, which range from the old courthouse and post office to a historic farmhouse that has been converted into the local historic museum. The main drag is called Broad Street, which is also the name of the street in Wilson County where the town of Eastover was first incorporated. See here for information about The Best Things to See and Do When You Are Vacationing in Cedar Creek, NC.

Eastover is a very welcoming community. Most of the residents speak English and the local dialect is still maintained to a large degree. Many of the residents of Eastover speak at least some of the native languages of Africa. They have many businesses that specialize in helping to improve the quality of life of their clients, as well as provide a service that is important to their neighbors. Eastover residents are very grateful for the efforts of the community to beautify their neighborhoods and to maintain a positive image of the area.

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