A Look at The Gorgeous Community of Stoney Hill, North Carolina

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Stony Hill, North Carolina is an unincorporated community located in Wake County, North Carolina. It is at an elevation of 439 feet or 120 m above sea level and is located in the center of Wake Forest, NC. The community is situated at the junction of Stony Hill Highway and North Carolina Road 98. There’s a fire station nearby as well as a clubhouse. The entire area is surrounded by a fence. There’s no public transportation available so cars are the only way to get to and from the community. See more here.

Stony Hill, North Carolina was established in 1869 when settlers arrived from Europe to build a new home for themselves in the area that was then still undeveloped. They settled near the town of Stonington in present-day Northumberland County, New Jersey. These first settlers settled in what is known today as Stony Hills, which is the name given to the community. Stony Hills is home to some of the oldest homes in the state. These homes were built by the pioneer settlers who immigrated from Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Poland. Some of the homes date back to the eighteenth century and some dates back to the nineteenth century. See here for information about Oak Grove, North Carolina – A Pleasant and Captivating Place to Visit.

Today, there are a couple of homes for sale in Stony Hills. One of them is the B & B Pine Knob, which has an interior that is full of oak hardwood floors. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large living room with two large wood-burning fireplaces, two dining rooms, and two guest rooms. The home also features an outdoor fireplace that overlooks the Pine Knob River. The home is just over seven thousand square feet and is located on nine acres. There is no one attached garage in the house but there is a one hundred seventy-eight foot covered to drive. The B & B Pine Knob is located at the corner of Pine Knob Drive and North Carolina Road 98.

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