5 Culprits of Roof Damage You Should Know About

5 Culprits of Roof Damage You Should Know About

Without a roof, you wouldn’t have a home. It makes sense, then, that the roof is one of the most important parts of your house that must be maintained. Although roofs have a relatively long lifespan, they are constantly exposed to the elements and can be damaged. That’s why it’s essential to undergo regular roof inspections to ensure that it’s always in good condition. 

What are the top culprits of roof damage? Let’s take a look.

Roof damage

1. Wind

This is the leading cause of damage when it comes to roofs. Extreme winds can lift up roof shingles, leaving everything underneath exposed to harmful elements and leading to even more problems. 

If you’re in an area where strong winds are common, having your roof checked more frequently is a good call, especially after those windy days. Aside from inspecting the gutter system, keep an eye out for roof damage by checking if there are shingles or pieces of your roof on the ground after a strong, windy day. 

2. Debris

Is your home surrounded by trees and foliage? If so, remember that the debris that comes from them may wreak havoc on your roof. A few leaves may not weigh too much, but an accumulation can put a lot of strain on your roof, resulting in long-term damage. If you haven’t checked your roof and gutter system in a while, chances are that there is already some debris that should be cleaned away.

Although small amounts of debris on your roof may not be a cause for alarm, you should worry when moisture collects. Left to linger, you could end up with a mold or mildew problem on your hands, not to mention reduced structural integrity!

3. Animals

In suburban areas, your roof is an appealing shelter for many animals including birds, squirrels, rats, raccoons, and more. If you don’t take the appropriate measures, they can make your roof a breeding ground. These animals can live in your roof that may cause damage to it, while others can eat away at your shingles. Some will even claw and chew their way into your house through walls. 

It’s crucial to regularly check your roof for animals and have any infestations promptly handled by a wildlife removal expert. Doing so will keep your roof in better condition for years to come!

4. Sun

You might think that the sun can do no damage to your roof; after all, it’s built to withstand it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s untouchable by the powerful UV rays. 

When your roof is overly exposed to UV rays, it can sustain more damage, such as rot. The downside to this is that this kind of damage is hardly noticeable and even if you do notice it, there’s nothing much you can do about it. 

Some homeowners who suffer from this type of damage usually resort to planting a few trees over the top of the home to help shield the roof from UV rays. This will also keep your home cooler, although you will have to be more diligent about regularly cleaning the debris off.

5. Snow

If you live in a cold region, it’s likely that ice forms on your roof during the colder months. When the ice melts, the water forms, which can cause damage to your shingles. That’s why it’s essential to have your roof inspected after winter to make the necessary repairs and ensure no further damage occurs.

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Take Care of Your Roof

Now that you understand the importance of regular roof inspections based on these things that can damage your roof, you need to find a good roofing contractor. Without proper roof inspection, you will spend a lot of money having your roof repaired, or worse, replaced completely. 

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