4 Wild and Unexpected Threats to Your Roof and Gutter

4 Wild and Unexpected Threats to Your Roof and Gutter

Roof and gutter damage isn’t uncommon for many Charlotte residents. Your roof and gutter are both exposed to the elements, which causes lots of wear and tear over time. This is why you regularly have to hire premier roofing services and gutter repairs to get the damage fixed. However, what if we told you that you actually have more to worry about when it comes to your roof and gutter than you may have initially believed?


To help you better prepare for unexpected instances, we’ve put together a list of four wildest and most uncommon threats that can severely damage your roof:

1. Birds

While they may seem harmless, birds can do some serious damage to your roof and gutters. When birds build a nest around your roof, they often litter it with a lot of droppings. Surprisingly, however, bird droppings are highly acidic to the point where they can damage car paint and other metal structures. In fact, these droppings can eat away at your roof! Check some other top culprits of roof damage.

Nests can also create blockages in vents and gutters that can cause moisture to build up. Keep in mind that moisture could lead to roof leaks, rot, and further deterioration if the issues aren’t addressed right away. This is why you’ll want to keep your gutter clear of any blockages – no matter if it’s caused by birds or other factors.

2. Raccoons

While they may seem cute, raccoons are capable of bringing unprecedented levels of destruction to your property. This is due to their razor-sharp claws that can and will rip right through your roof, especially if your home happens to be unlucky enough to be subjected to a raccoon that’s on the prowl for food. It also doesn’t help that your roof is easy to access from the rooftops and can allow any wandering raccoon to wreak havoc on your property.

3. Plane Debris

While you may think that it’s unlikely for pieces of a plane to just come crashing through your roof, it’s something that happens way more often than you think. In fact, debris from a plane narrowly missed a house in Denver just last February. Granted, this was due to an emergency landing but it’s something that you should definitely be wary of if you live in the general vicinity of an airport.

4. Hail

While hail may seem more of an annoyance rather than an actual threat, this may soon change. The effects of climate change are starting to become more and more evident. In fact, storms with larger hailstones are expected to be more common as the world’s climate issues get worse. As such, don’t be surprised if you’ll have to call upon premier roofing services for repairs due to damage caused by the baseball-sized hailstones in the near future!

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Sometimes, roof and gutter damage is just unavoidable due to many factors. However, what’s important is how you respond to these occurrences. To prevent further damage to your property, you’ll want to schedule immediate repairs on your roof and gutters. It’s also important to have your roof regularly inspected, as animals or natural disasters may have caused damage to areas that you may not have noticed!

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