4 Common Problems You May Face With Your Gutters

4 Common Problems You May Face With Your Gutters

More often than not, any reasonable homeowner would find themselves wondering about the maintenance of their property. While the most common considerations would be to check for lawn issues or repainting needs, one critical aspect to consider would be looking for gutter issues. That is because gutter problems can be costly when left to fester—slowly doing more damage to your home as it gets bigger and bigger.

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While it may be difficult to remember or notice, knowing a bit of the basics can help you identify when it’s time to call a contractor to check it out. To help you in that regard, here are four of the most common problems that you may face with your property’s gutters:

1. Sags

Your gutters carry a lot of weight—most of which is due to rainwater. However, if debris hangs around long enough and starts piling up, then it can cause the water to sit still and the gutters to sag. 

Sagging can lead to many problems, such as leaks that cause water damage and promote the growth of mold. The reason your gutters sag is because the added weight causes the hangers that secure the gutters to the home to get loose.

To fix this problem, simply retighten the hangers to reposition the gutters. Also, make sure the hangers are not too far apart to ensure it stays rigid. Add new ones in between existing ones if needed to limit and eliminate sagging.

2. Clogs

Speaking of debris, the most common problem you will face is clogged up gutters, especially if you have plenty of trees surrounding your home. That is because things like leaves and twigs can easily be blown around by the wind—and when there has been a recent storm where winds are quite strong, such debris can collect on your gutters.

To ensure that your gutters remain debris-free throughout the year, schedule at least two times a year where you will go up there to inspect for any debris and clean it out. Take note that you may need to do this a little more often, depending on where you live.

3. Leaks

Some damages can cause your gutters to start leaking. While this may seem like a small nuisance, it can lead to large damages. For instance, a leaky gutter system can cause water to reach the foundations of your home, putting the structural integrity of your house at risk.

To patch these holes, you can purchase patching kits from many hardware stores. These kits will come with different materials, so choose one that matches your gutter for the best results.

4. Insufficiency

Sometimes, there may be nothing wrong with the gutter other than it not being sufficient for your home’s needs. This is obvious, especially if you see that water flows over the gutter around your home, but there are no clogs or visible leaks present.

If you notice this issue, invest in installing new gutters! Work with professionals to pick and install the right system for your needs to keep your home safe and dry even in the harshest of downpours.


Any problem with your gutter is always a big deal. That is because its job is to keep water away from your home, ensuring issues like mold growth and water damage do not occur. If you believe your gutters are having a problem but do not have the time nor resources to carry out an inspection and fix it yourself, contact a professional near you immediately. They will have everything they need to address any issue your gutters may have, ensuring it will perform well when the rain starts to fall again.

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